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A Recent MISTAKE That Nearly Cost Me Millions

It was crunch time.

We were less than a week away from the biggest promotion we had ever done…

… and we realized we had made a FATAL mistake.

Picture this:

We have nearly 100 people ready to promote.

We’re talking about the biggest names in our industry. They had all blocked off their 
calendars to promote our course.

Hundreds of thousands of people would be seeing our promotion.

Thousands ready to buy.

And yet, we wouldn’t be able to make any sales.


The short story is, we needed to use Stripe to process our sales. And the mistake we made was 
thinking that the big name shopping cart we were using could integrate with Stripe.

It didn’t.

And that meant we were scrambling.

My stomach was flipping.

To make matters worse, it was too late to get another merchant account that would work with our 
old shopping cart (especially one that could process the volume of sales we were anticipating).

I was sweating over this… bad.

There was SO much on the line.

Over a year of planning.

TONS of anticipation.

All of our partners were ready to go.

And now, one FATAL assumption could bring the whole thing down before it even got going.

I was feeling so stupid and embarrassed.

I mean, it sounds so obvious to double check probably the most important thing of all… that 
you can actually process the sales.

But I made the rookie mistake of assuming everything would integrate.

It wasn’t good.

And, with everything scheduled to start in less than a week, we needed a solution FAST.

We also needed something that would be EASY to set up because we had a million other things to get ready for the promotion.

So what did we use?


In no time at all, we had our account set up and our checkout page ready to go.

(I’m talking within the hour)

And everything integrated so easily with Stripe (which is what we were using to process the sales).

So our biggest headache ended up becoming the easiest part of the whole process…

… THANKS to SamCart.

Here’s the happy ending to this story…

The promotion was a massive hit.

In fact, we far exceeded our goals and welcomed thousands of 
students into our new TRIBE course.

And, because of the way the checkout page was set up (thanks to SamCart’s optimized process), I know for certain that our conversions were higher too.

So less stress and more money. That’s a GREAT combo!

The crazy part was, the whole thing was nearly a total disaster. We’re lucky we had SamCart.

My advice, make your life easy.

Go watch this this video.

A last minute scramble is never fun. Trust me, it would have been a LOT easier to just start things off the right way.

Take care.


P.S. If you’re just starting out, this is exactly what I’d use. If you’re a seasoned pro, you definitely want to check this out because there are a few subtle tweaks to the checkout process that are getting massive results. It’s worth a look:


Your turn: What’s the biggest mistake you’ve ever made in your business? How did you recover? 


  • David Faris

    Thanks so much for telling me about SamCart! I haven’t been able to use it to its fullest potential yet, but having this in our toolbox is SO exciting!