• Love this video..short, powerful and so very true. Thank you! Having worked in corporate America all my career I and helped many…just cause; I am now defining my why to convert it to a business for when I leave my long standing career. I need to play this video daily until I get it! HA 🙂

  • I can’t seem to get enough of this message Stu! Love your music too….

  • Ditto to the previous comments. Motivating, encouraging AND entertaining. You have a beautiful family too. 🙂

  • Ngenious

    Hi Stu, I like the definition of hard work ……. This made me smile big time ……. Why? Because as a person who struggles with PSFD (Please Stay Focused Disorder), that is my greatest challenge. Okay back to work!

  • Justin Brown

    Awesome video Stu!

  • Fanny Mairena

    Great message Stu! That’s my plan, thanks for sharing!

  • I couldn’t agree more, Stu!! I burned out completely two years ago and the last word in my vocabulary is hustle. Today I’m true to my why, I work smarter not harder and on my own pace without neglecting or sacrificing my marriage, my kids or my health.
    Thanks for this video! We need this reminder constantly.

  • Victoria Labalme

    Such a critical and rare message, Stu…and what’s at stake couldn’t be more important. It’s our lives, our “legacy” and our relationships with those we love. This video is an awesome wake up call and a beacon of hope to anyone feeling overwhelmed.

  • tola akinsulire

    Thanks for this Stu

  • My takeaway? Focus, focus, focus. On the main thing. On who you serve. On the reason you’re doing it.

  • Bright

    Thank you stu for the call to focus…and the true reason I ever thought of being an entrepreneur which is freedom.

  • Great video Stu. My takeaway is decide what game you are playing and focus relentlessly on keeping the main thing the main thing! Thank you for showing and inspiring us that a better way is really possible.

  • Hayley Weatherburn

    Yes!!! “Hard work is not defined by how many hours you put into your business. Hard work is staying supremely focused on your reasons for starting a business in the first place” LOVE THIS!

  • Nath Rezende

    OMG, Stu! I really needed to watch that this Sunday morning (it’s 09h36 here!)! Me and my mastermind friends here in Brasil were just talking yesterday about this freedom in our business: how to achieve it without missing focus on WHY we’ve decided it in the first place. Awesome! Thanks! (PS: you’ve become an inspiration since I’ve seen you in São Paulo last year. Truly! All my best vibes from Rio to you!)

  • Bruno Palvarini

    Just fantastic, Stu 🙂

  • Umesh Damania

    I hate people talking about “hustle” and “grind”.. Brilliant video

  • LOVE it! LOVE it! LOVE it Stu! Thanks for the short, yet powerful reminder to keep our main thing, the main thing. : )

  • Jeff Meister

    I love this message, Stu… for all the reasons you gave, and I’ve usually run out of gas well before 15 hours pass by.

  • Pete Renzulli

    great topic Stu. I definitely need to rethink my focus

  • Stu – great message we need to keep hearing. Joanne and I are just leaving San Diego – three days here for Social Media Marketing World. But we added four days on our way out here to see our son and grandkids in Colorado and then added two days here to spend with more grandkids. Always been our plan to blend work and play. As you so clearly lay out, success is far more than business hustle.

  • Oh, how I love this! I really feel like so many practices in businesses are needing a serious update, with one of them being the ole’ hustle & grind. Your more nuanced definition of hard work is like music to my ears! Feels exactly right… Thanks so much for this super inspiring video.

  • Paul Sandford McGlothin

    Great message, well executed!

  • Yep, hear the word “hustle” daily. My greatest desire is to work sanely and efficiently to serve my customers and still have a life.

  • Maleah

    This is a great message. Thank you, Stu!
    Work / life imbalance landed me bedridden for FIVE years (<–<< not a typo). In a row. It was too high of a price to work my face off. I'm keen on outsourcing and prioritizing these days. I went from bedridden and broke to healthy, wealthy and living "light" in my charming lil' houseboat surrounded by the city of Seattle.

    It's possible to have it all.

    Emerson nailed it with… The First Wealth Is Health.


  • Mike Caldwell

    Great video Stu. I spent this entire weekend rescuing a dog. I didn’t open my laptop once and didn’t feel the least bit guilty. I don’t currently own a dog rescue, but that is a dream of mine. So if I can actually “do” a small part of my dream now, why wait? I know a lot of people wear their “grind” like a badge of honour. I may take longer to get “there”, but I’m going to do my best to enjoy the journey as much as I can.

  • Lance

    I needed this!
    Short… Sweet… and oh so valuble