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3 Powerful Hacks

We’re always looking for that juicy marketing hack that is going to make all the difference. And In this episode, I’m going to give you three powerful hacks that will guarantee your long-term success.

Big Ideas

Focus On The Right Next Step [6:02]

Hack number one is to focus on your next right step. Don’t get into the weeds of this huge masterplan, and don’t get distracted by all the things you could do. Instead, focus on one next thing you can do. For Nick, the next step was to start growing the audience for his new idea. I told him to do a Facebook live that speaks to a problem that his market faces. And I showed him my notes on how to do it with a simple 5-step framework: hook, story, lessons, call-to-action, summary.

Identify what’s the next right step for you. Is it growing your audience like Nick, building an email list, building your first product, creating your next big launch, hiring that first person on your team, or maybe scaling your business? Whatever it is, get clear on what your next right step is. It’s so tempting to try all these whiz-bang strategies and lose sight of the one thing that’s going to move you forward.

Go Deep Into The Fundamentals [8:39]

Hack number two is to go deep. Mastery requires depth, and the subtle nuances make the massive differences in marketing. You can’t master something by trying it one time. People give up so quickly. But marketing is an art form. Getting really effective at being able to tailor a message to a market and communicate that message so that people naturally come to you for what you have to offer, that’s an art form. It takes depth. Instead of trying to do 10,000 different marketing tactics, go deep in a few strategies that work. Remember, marketing is not difficult, but you need to go deep in the fundamentals. That’s the same way I did it – I have mastered online launches, because I have gone deep in and mastered the fundamentals.

Be Consistent With Your Marketing [13:18]

The third hack I want to give you is to stay consistent. I just heard a message from my buddy, Lewis Howes, who’s got a podcast called the School of Greatness that’s in the top of iTunes now. One of the greatest things that has enabled him to grow his business, his reach and his audience, is consistency. It’s the same with Pat Flynn and his podcast, Smart Passive Income. He’s been consistent every week. And with my friend Amy Porterfield, who’s got a top-selling podcast and builds her list like crazy because she shows up for her audience consistently.

If we want to be successful, we’ve got to be consistent in our messaging, in our content, and in our marketing. And the way you can be consistent is by going deep. And the way you go deep is focus on your next right step first.

Memorable Quote

You can’t master something by trying it one time. Mastery requires depth.– Stu McLaren

If we want to be successful, we’ve got to be consistent in our messaging, in our content, in our marketing.– Stu McLaren


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