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Our $5 Million Dollar Launch – Part 2

Based on our $5 million dollar launch, I share the top 3 lessons learned.

Big Ideas

Create A Long Runway [1:19]

Lesson number one – you have to have a long runway. When it comes to marketing, the longer the runway, the bigger the result. Our launch was at the end of April, and our runway started in January with the launch of our brand new podcast – It’s A Tribe Thing. It’s all about generating momentum way in advance of your actual launch. That’s exactly what helped us safeguard against the fact that Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi and Russel Brunson were launching at the exact same time. By the time they announced it, we had built up so much momentum that it didn’t even impact us.

Turn Results Into Stories [4:40]

Lesson number two – get people results. Our company obsesses over helping our people get results – the big wins, where they’re launching their membership sites and welcoming thousands of new members, and the small wins, where they’re doing their first Facebook live. We celebrate all kinds of wins and results, and then create stories based on those results. We know that if our people are making progress, then we have a phenomenal story to tell. Other people relate and connect to stories, because they see themselves in the stories that you share. So the more stories you share, the more success you will experience.

It doesn’t matter what questions or objections people come to me with, I have a story of somebody just like them that they could see themselves in. And we share these stories everywhere – they’re worked in to every single presentation. You need to start building your inventory of stories. And you don’t just want the big wins, you want the wins of people at all different stages of the journey to success. Stories are your best marketing asset.

Split Test… And Don’t Complicate it! [09:20]

Lesson number three – do split testing. We were looking to split test a few key places, like our opt-in pages for our launch workshop itself, and for the webinar. If we could improve the conversion rate on these opt-in pages, it would impact every other aspect of the launch. We focused primarily on three things: the headline, the button copy and the image. We had a decent opt-in rate from the get-go – over 51%, but after split testing those few things, we increased it to over 75%.

We split test two images – one was a terrible image of me speaking, which I thought looked horrendous, and the other image was me with the family, which I really liked. Yet the one with the family didn’t perform nearly as well as the other image of me looking half-stoned. You never know what’s going to work until you split test. Don’t try to make it too complicated by split testing a million different things, just start with your headline, button copy and the main hero image.

What Are The Areas Of Improvement? [13:50]

Next year, one of our major initiatives will be upgrading the course again based on all kinds of new research that’s coming in about membership sites and subscriptions. Another major initiative is increasing our alumni sales. We believe that people who have already gone through the program will continue to make even more progress going through the program again and again. The same idea that’s already been shared inside the program may hit you in a whole different way when you’re seeing it the second or third time.

Memorable Quote

People relate and connect to stories, so the more stories you share, the more success you will experience.” – Stu McLaren


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