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Our $73K Facebook Ad

Brief Overview

We spent $30 on a Facebook ad during our recent launch and it generated over $73,000 in sales. In this episode I break down our entire ad strategy.

Big Ideas

Testing Out Different Ad Strategies & Ideas [01:06]

During our most recent launch, we ran a lot of different types of ads. Some of which, completely flopped. As in, they didn’t generate any sales whatsoever and ended up costing us a lot of money to run. But, we also had a few that REALLY knocked it out of the park.

So, when you’re running ads, you can never be too sure what’s going to perform well. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you’re open to trying new strategies. Sometimes it’s the fun little experiments that generate the BIG results!

Facebook Ad Strategy – Part 1 [02:03]

Prior to the actual launch (i.e. The Long Runway) we built up a ton of momentum. And during that time, one of the focuses of our ad strategy was to rack up a lot of video views. From there, we could target the people who viewed that content later on during the actual launch. Why did we want to do this? Well, Facebook ad costs are significantly lower for anyone who has viewed a piece of content, in comparison to those who have not.

For instance, the very first time we ever launched Tribe, we were starting completely from scratch. Our email list was non-existent. So, instead of relying on our list, we racked up 1.4 million views from videos that were specifically built for—and related to—our launch.

This strategy isn’t about generating leads. It’s a much longer term strategy, focused on building a massive retargeting audience.  

Facebook Ad Strategy – Part 2 [05:10]

This step is all about creating ads that move people along from one step to the next. Think about the different steps of your launch that you want to move people through. As an example, for us, step number 1 in our launch was that we wanted people to opt-in for our free workshop. So those were the first types of ads that we started running to this retargeted audience.

Now, once they opt-in for the free workshop what’s the next step? For us, it was to get them to watch Video 1. So now we were using retargeting ads to get people who signed up to the free workshop, to watch Video 1. We followed this same approach all the way through each step in our launch process.  

Don’t Forget to Add a Facebook Pixel to Every Page [06:48]

The key to this Facebook ad strategy is to have a pixel on every single page that you’re using for your launch. If you don’t have that tracking setup, you won’t be able to see where people are in the process.

The $30 Ad that Generated Over $73k in sales [08:03]

So what about this super high performing ad I mentioned earlier? Well, keep in mind, we started getting really creative with the different video ads that we were coming up with. This one in particular was a 15 second video of me blowing up a balloon, letting out the air, and watching it spiral out of control around the room. And then I looked into the camera and said “It looks like you tried to checkout, but you didn’t actually complete your registration for Tribe. What’s up with that? Come join us!” And then I gave them a call to action to come join our workshop.

Now here’s the cool thing. That ad was only targeted to people who had landed on our checkout page, but didn’t buy. So, it was a SUPER targeted audience. And because it was super targeted, we only spent $30 and it ended up generating $73k in additional sales!

It was hyper-targeted, relevant, and moved people to that final step in the checkout process.


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