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Amy Porterfield’s Entrepreneur Experience Event

Amy Porterfield asked me to speak at her event, Entrepreneur Experience, about something that she knows is one of my sweet spots – creating a launch runway. In this episode, I’m going to tell you about 3 big pillars of content that you need to be thinking about as you’re building up towards any type of launch.

Big Ideas

Connection Content [3:18]

The first is type of content that you need when preparing for a launch, is connection content. The purpose of connection content is to connect with your audience at both the head and the heart. To do that, you must think about your values, beliefs, philosophies and the things that you stand for. Often, we’re scared to share this kind of thing because we’re afraid that we might alienate people. But in fact, that’s the very thing that we want to do. We want to alienate those that are not a right fit for us, and attract those that are a right fit. 

One of my early friends and mentors in the online space, Jim Edwards, said, “Love me or hate me, there’s no money in the middle.” And this is absolutely true when you’re creating a runway. You don’t want to try and appeal to everybody. You want to try and appeal to the right person. And to do that, you’ve got to create connection around the topics and subjects that are meaningful to you. 

One of the examples I shared was my philosophy on money – why and how I used to feel really guilty about making money. And how there was a moment when it changed from guilt to honor when I realized that the more money I make, the more impact I could have. Once I shared this, a lot of people came up to me and told me they felt the same way. My example naturally drew people in who have felt the same sort of guilt about making money. This is exactly the connection content that you need to create with your audience. 

Inspiration Content [5:39]

The second type of content was inspiration content. Inspiration content shows people what’s possible and creates belief. Because if people don’t believe that what you’re saying is possible, they’re not going to buy it. My favorite way of doing that is by telling stories. It’s the most powerful marketing asset that you and I have. It’s the stories of people we have worked with who have made the kind of progress that the people we’re selling to want to make. 

But remember that it’s not just about sharing the big wins. You want to share stories of people making progress at every stage, their success path. The success path is really the journey that your customers are on to go from where they are to where they want to be. If you only share the stories of people who are at the far end of the spectrum, you are going to alienate the people who are in the beginning stage of their journey. When you share the stories of people who are starting from scratch and are yet to experience success, you create a way deeper level of trust, connection and belief. 

Anticipation Content [7:51]

The third type of content that you want to create in any type of build up to a launch is anticipation content. You probably heard me talk about April 23, 2020, and you might be wondering why? Because I’m creating anticipation for the beginning of the next TRIBE launch. You’ll hear me talk about it the whole time, and other people have got it so ingrained in their brain that they come up to me and tell me that they’ve got that date marked on their calendar.

Now, not only do people remember that day, but they’re also looking forward to it. That’s why wherever you are right now, leading up to your next launch, you want to start talking about it. And there are a lot of creative ideas that you can utilize to create anticipation for that. People will appreciate what you have and will be looking forward to it when you get out in front and create that anticipation. 

Memorable Quote

Love me or hate me, there’s no money in the middle.” – Jim Edwards

If people don’t believe that what you’re saying is possible, they’re not going to buy it.” – Stu McLaren


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