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My IMPACT Mastermind Shares Best Marketing Ideas of The Year

Brief Overview

To celebrate 100 episodes, I decided to do something special. You may or may not know this but I run my own mastermind called the Impact Mastermind. It’s full of amazing entrepreneurs in all kinds of different markets. I asked this group of marketing powerhouses to share their top marketing strategy of the year, so that I can then share it with you. I want you to listen closely to what they have to say because it’s not just the strategy, it’s the impact and the ripple effect that this strategy has had on their business, and the same can be true for you too.

Big Ideas

Building Deep Relationships through Live Videos [3:11]

My top marketing strategy for the past 12 months has been using live video to build up deep relationships with my followers to then be able to sell more easily to them. I’ve made sure that I show up for them on a consistent basis, especially on Facebook live and on Instagram stories, to really work on building relationships and remembering that behind every one of the followers is an actual person. If I can develop a relationship with that person, then when it comes time for me to sell something, I know that they’ll be the first in line to buy. In the month of November, I’ve challenged myself to go live every single day and with a Facebook page of 350,000 followers, I’ve had almost 1.5 million in reach just this month alone. 

– Jennifer Allwood, Owner of The Creators’ Inner Circle

Joint Venture Partners Can Be Game Changers [4:41]

My top marketing strategy from the past 12 months is to collaborate with joint venture partners. One of the biggest challenges we all face are people needing to hear our message. So, how do you get a lot more of the right people to hear your message? You go where they are already listening. The best joint venture partners are serving the same market but they’re meeting a different need.

Joint venture relationships can be super simple as a trade where you each send an email to your email list or appear on each other’s podcast with no affiliate commission. It can also be a bit more complicated where the partner promotes a joint webinar or a launch. The fear and the dangerous imposter syndrome can block your way to reaching out and asking, but once you realize that this relationship is not about you, and rather about better serving and monetizing the audience of the JV partner, you can turn your fear into action. Send a quick email or a message to those in your network who could be a great JV partner for you, and make the magic happen. Even one joint venture partner can be a game changer.

– Belinda Rosenblum from Own Your Money

Close Your Cart And Be Different [06:39]

My greatest marketing strategy over the last 12 months has been to close my cart. As a meal planning service, that didn’t even register on my radar at first. But once I realized that I could be out of the box as a meal planning service without having to follow the norm, everything opened up. It has allowed us to change the way we do business and focus on our members. We could finally build the membership that we’ve been anxious to build and had a hard time implementing because of always being open. There’s nothing wrong with doing things a little different from the way your industry is doing it. 

– Tricia Callahan, Once A Month Meals

A Clear Message, Frequency and Recency [07:45]

The marketing strategy I’ve chosen to share was taken from my ecommerce business, and I apply it to my information business where I teach ecommerce merchants how to get more traffic and sales. The strategy is about one clear message, frequency and recency. I started hosting a weekly live video on Facebook that’s called the Monday Morning Traffic Report, where the goal is to give our audience one quick win in each episode. We’ve turned our Facebook live videos into video view ads, targeting people who’ve watched previous episodes. We also take the video content, create a blog post around it and email that post out to our entire list. The goal is to frequently get that quick win which is our one clear message in front of our audience three times per week. This strategy keeps our audience warm so that when we have something to sell, we can just ramp it up, add some member success stories and a live challenge to get people to purchase.

– Susan Bradley, The Social Sales Girls

Create The Content You Love [09:37]

My best marketing tip from 2018 is creating content that I know my customers will love. These three simple content-generated activities help grow our email list weekly, attract new audiences and establish credibility in the marketplace:

  1. Featuring our teachers from around the world through my podcast, Art Made Easy, shares their stories and offers new teaching strategies and perspectives for listeners.
  2. Sharing weekly art tutorials on my Facebook page allows me to share what I love most. Also, offering different handouts for each tutorial gives my viewers a chance to teach the lesson later and stay connected to us through our newsletter.
  3. Adding weekly blog posts where I offer a different format for readers to consume the content that I created for my podcast and art tutorials.

– Patty Palmer, Deep Space Sparkle

Tell Your Customers Lots of Stories [11:30]

My favorite marketing strategy is one that has been influenced by Stu McLaren, and it is to tell customers lots of stories. We’ve told client stories on podcasts, webinars and even had clients tell their own stories on our live casts and inside of our social media channels. Not only has this meant that our clients are doing the legwork themselves by telling how much they value what they’re getting from our mentoring, but it’s also helped me uncover stories that I had no idea existed. Moreover, it’s given me and my team confidence to hear and see exactly the difference that we are making to our clients.

– Suzi Dafnis, Her Business

Create a Movement Around Your Product [13:10]

My top marketing strategy is to focus on creating a movement within your industry around your product or service. Not only will this increase your sales, it’s going to allow you to have a positive impact on your industry and build up a community of diehard devoted clients who love what you do and sell it for you. This is far more effective and rewarding than by trying to sell yourself. To create your movement, you need to determine exactly what values you stand for and paint a picture of who your followers are when they are their best selves. Once you are clear on what you stand for and what your movement is about, start talking about it and call people to join an actual community. Defend your people, celebrate their success, and encourage them to become the person you know they can be.

– Jamie M. Swanson, Personal Brand Journey Podcast

Start Talking To Your Audience [14:57]

My top marketing strategy from the past 12 months is to see your business as the place where conversions come from conversations. A purchase is a conversation with you. I love to think how I can build ways to surprise and add more conversation into my business with my future buyers, because the more they talk to me, the more they’re going to purchase from me later. We want to be everywhere they are to engage and have a conversation that converts. By having conversations, we were able to consistently have a 30+ ROI with our ad spend. Think of all the different ways you can have conversations with the audience and start talking to them today.

– Rachel Miller,

Always Share Stories [16:53]

I couldn’t let this episode go without sharing my own top marketing strategy of the year. While I shared so many different strategies with you on this podcast, the one fundamental strategy for us is telling stories. Our company is wholeheartedly committed to helping our clients get results because we know if they get a result, then we have a story. That story is our most powerful marketing asset, and we use stories everywhere – in the buildup for our launches, Facebook lives, webinars, sales pages, and more. The secret to creating this safe environment for people to share their stories and wins is consistently being prepared to capture those moments. When other people see themselves in the stories of the people that they’re listening to, they become way more open to any marketing message that you have and sales happen almost effortlessly. 

– Stu McLaren, Stu.Me

Memorable Quotes

There’s nothing wrong with doing things a little different from the way your industry is doing it.” – Tricia Callahan

Defend your people, celebrate their success, and encourage them to become the person you know they can be.” – Jamie M. Swanson

I love to think how I can build ways to surprise and add more conversation into my business with my future buyers, because the more they talk to me, the more they’re going to purchase from me later.” – Rachel Miller

A story is our most powerful marketing asset.” – Stu McLaren


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