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Boring Is Beautiful

How do you ensure long-term success regardless of new platforms or trends that develop in the marketplace? I share a BIG insight in this episode.

Big Ideas

Find What’s Right For You [00:28]

The idea for this episode came from the Mastermind that I was attending, where Ann Wilson delivered a presentation on investing. There was a question that was popping up in the group, ‘What do we do with the money we’re making and how should we be good stewards of that money in terms of investing it?’ She spoke about how to manage the money and consistently put the money away, but one of the most important things she said was that it’s really more about consistency. One of the quotes she said that really stood out was, ‘Boring is beautiful.’ Over time, it’s about identifying the investment strategies that are right for you and then being consistent with those strategies. The challenge is that often we get bored and try to do something super fancy, and because of that we end up derailing our investment strategy. But the key is to stay consistent.

The Elements Of Business [2:14]

It made me think so much about what we’re doing in business, because the same lesson applies to business and marketing. If we think about it from a high-level business standpoint, we either need to get more money coming in, and/or reduce what’s going out, and the goal is to improve the bottom line profit. I know it seems boring, but that’s the whole point. If you look at online businesses, it’s pretty straightforward and easy – it boils down to traffic and conversion. And for those of us in the membership and subscription space, there’s only one more element – retention. When we think about our business, it’s really about getting more traffic coming in, increasing our conversions and the length of time upon which people stay with us month after month.

Consistency Is Key For A Long-Term Success [4:01]

I always start with identifying whether it is a traffic problem, a conversion problem, or a retention problem? Either way, it’s about identifying the big rocks, doubling down on those things and being consistent. Because boring is beautiful. We can talk about all the fancy tactics, strategies and the new platforms, but all of those things are either going to bring you more traffic, increase conversions or increase retention. So I encourage you to stay focused, because long-term success whether it be in investing or in business, is all about staying consistent with the fundamentals of growing a successful business.

Memorable Quote

From a high-level business standpoint, it’s really about more money coming in than going out.” – Stu McLaren


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