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A Simple Tactic Guaranteed To Generate More Sales

In this episode we’ll explore a SUPER SIMPLE tactic guaranteed to generate more interest and boost conversions. And, it doesn’t cost you a thing!

Big Ideas

How To Develop Greater Appreciation For Your Product [1:01]

Recently, my team and I were talking through a number of new features that we are adding to our software, Searchie. They were explaining to me the tech and the engineering that is actually happening behind the scenes. And the more they shared, the more I had an appreciation for what it is that we’re actually doing. It reminded me that one of the most powerful ways for you and I to generate more interest in what we’re offering and boost conversions, is to show the behind the scenes of what it is that we are creating.

Behind The Scenes Of Creating A Product [2:38]

Let’s say you have a physical product that you’d send out to people. There’s 1,000,001 things that go into not only designing and creating that product, but even in the logistics of assembling, shipping and getting it into the hands of the customer. And if you were to show the behind-the-scenes of that, people would have a way bigger appreciation for it.

Or if you are more of a creative type and the product you are selling is something you would sell on Etsy, or perhaps it’s a piece of art. Show the behind-the-scenes of sourcing the materials and going through design, manufacturing or even the creation processes. Showing the behind-the-scenes gives people a greater appreciation for what it takes to create that piece of art.

Nicholas Wilton, who’s in my Impact Mastermind, has started to do this with his artwork. It gives his audience a much greater sense of what he’s doing, the thought, the process and the technique to creating his art. You get a glimpse into the mind of this incredible artist, and it gives you a greater appreciation for the craftsmanship of what he’s producing.

Behind The Scenes Of Creating An Experience [5:06]

\In the build-up to his conference MasterMind Talks, Jayson Gaignard takes people behind-the-scenes where he’s scouting all these venues, and talking about how diligent he is to find the perfect venue. He also talks about how he curates all of the attendees, shows himself sourcing the different experiences that are going to happen at the event, and actually going and doing them himself to make sure it’s going to be at the level they want. He’s taking people behind-the-scenes, giving them a sneak peek, showing them the thought and the care that goes into crafting this experience.

Behind The Scenes Of Developing A Software [7:00]

What’s an example of doing this with a piece of software? Right now with Searchie we’re trying to do a better job of explaining to people the tech, the engineering and the design processes that’s happening behind-the-scenes to bring all of this together. For example, Searchie takes the video you upload and it immediately transcribes it. But in order for it to transcribe it really fast, it breaks that video up into multiple pieces. And then it gets the transcription from those multiple pieces because they can be done faster instead of one transcriber transcribing one entire piece of video or audio, you can have multiple transcribers doing it simultaneously. Then, Searchie stitches it all back together so that your video is completely searchable, and matches the video to the exact point in the transcription.

But it goes a step further because we’re about to introduce translation. If you got a video in English and you want to offer it in French with French subtitles or Spanish with Spanish subtitles, we’re getting to the point where you can do translation. But again, there needs to be the thought of matching up the subtitles in another language with what is actually being said.

Behind The Scenes Of Creating Info Products [10:35]

Let’s say you’re selling some type of teaching or training, how do you help generate more interest? Show the behind-the-scenes, the months of research, testing, mapping out the lessons and actually recording them, the editing and the preparing process, the designing of the members area. The thought that has gone into crafting that experience helps people see the care that we have over the products we produce, and the blood, sweat, and tears into thinking about them, and the experience they’re going to have.

Memorable Quotes

“If you want a very simple way to generate a lot more interest and boost conversions, take people behind the scenes. – Stu McLaren

Nicholas Wilton
Jayson Gaignard – MasterMind Talks
Jay Abraham

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