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Business Boutique Recap

Brief Overview

I was speaking at an event with over 3,000 women entrepreneurs called the Business Boutique. Christy Wright and the whole team did an amazing job. I explain why in this episode.

Big Ideas

Hitting It Off With the Business Boutique Team [1:20]

I got connected with Christy and the whole Dave Ramsey team at another event where I was presenting about membership sites. Amy and Daisy, who work on the Business Boutique division, attended the event too and they were drawn to my presentation because they had a membership site which they knew could perform a lot better. I ended up flying down to Nashville earlier this year and did a full day consulting session with them and their team, and that’s when they asked me if I could speak at the Business Boutique event which I happily agreed to do.

The good news was that after that day of consulting, they relaunched their membership site. Their site started getting more views than it’s ever gotten with the video content that they were putting out. We outlined a great strategy which resulted in more members joining the platform than ever before, therefore making it a huge success. Thanks to that, I could share part of that story at the Business Boutique event.

Treating People the Way You Want to Be Treated [2:33]

When we got to the event, three things really stood out to me from this whole experience. First and foremost was the level of care that the whole Business Boutique poured into this event, not only for its attendees but also for those of us who were speaking. There was a lot of back-and-forths, but the team was always on top of communication whether it was with myself or my assistant Summer. When we got there, there was somebody waiting right away to welcome us which was quite important as it was a pretty big venue and we could have easily gotten lost in there. Next, when they took us backstage, there was a ton of food and drinks, everything just to make sure we felt comfortable. To my surprise, there were even gifts! It made it feel like they really put a lot of thought into everything – which I believe is really important because the more care you show your speakers and those people who are going to be presenting to your audience, the more loving care those people are going to pour right back into your audience.

Communication Is Key [4:45]

The second big takeaway that I got from this whole experience was the level of organization. It makes a huge team effort to be able to pull off an event like that and have everything run seamlessly. The team at the event was really efficient in terms of utilizing everybody that was there. But what really made it all work out is tons of communication. When we think about organization, we always think about the details but in fact it’s also about communicating those details. I have to admit, I personally have not always been the best at this. I learned a lot from watching and being a part of that whole experience.

One of the things they did was to keep their attendees and speakers informed through communication on a regular basis. For example, when I was doing a panel, then doing back-to-back interviews, there was always somebody coming who was giving me a heads up on what’s going on and what I have to do next. Communication is one of the big keys to a well-oiled machine.

Thinking Through the Details [7:45]

The last big takeaway for me was the production level of the event. I always have an appreciation for people who pour a lot of time, energy and creative thought into the production of what it is that they’re doing. I appreciate that because that’s what we strive to do with our team as well. We have a real desire to make what it is that we do world-class, but there’s a lot that happens behind the scenes of a world-class production. There are always a lot tiny details that nobody ever thinks about but because somebody has actually given that thought, the magic happened.

It was awesome to meet so many incredible women entrepreneurs and to connect with Christy, Amy, Daisy, Ash and the whole Business Boutique team again. They did a world-class job, plus I got to hang out with some good friends like Shanna who now has joined our team, Jennifer Allwood, her stylist Chasidy and her amazing assistant Vicki. It was a great event and I was super thrilled to be a part of it. I want to give a huge shout out to the whole Business Boutique team, you guys did an amazing job!

Memorable Quotes

The more care you pour into taking care of your people, the better care they’re going to take care of your audience.”  – Stu McLaren


Business Boutique Event

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