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Our Superpower

Brief Overview

A friend of mine asked me a question, “What is your superpower as a business?” He also mentioned what his superpower was – generating traffic through the content he is publishing. He talked about how he has been consistently publishing content, making tweaks when necessary and reaching a much broader audience.

When you think about us as individuals, we can sometimes identify what our own personal super power is, but do you know what your superpower is as a business? The one thing that will help you propel your business forward at a faster rate than anything else. It’s taken me a while to get clear on what it is for us, but in this episode I am going to reveal it and tell you how you can get faster results in your business.

Big Ideas

What Is Our Superpower? [2:23]

I started thinking what our superpower was and almost immediately got clear on it. Our superpower is the results that we are able to get. That enables us to have more continuous success and create more momentum. Our clients’ results produce stories, and stories are our greatest asset as a company. It starts off as a snowball – in the beginning, there were a few stories of people who were getting great results after having used the TRIBE methodology that I was sharing in small workshops.

Then, when we launched TRIBE three years ago, it created another wave of stories of people who were making massive progress with what we are teaching around adding recurring revenue into your business through memberships and subscriptions.

Now we’re at a point where we literally have hundreds of thousands of stories, so much so that we started publishing a podcast called It’s A TRIBE Thing.

The Real Reason Why Our Company Continues to Grow [4:16]

The reason why our company continues to grow and our launches continue to get bigger and bigger, is not because we have any particular special genius that we have. It all boils down to our commitment to getting results for our clients. It is an obsession that we have. We are looking at what we produce and the experience we create to enable people to get faster, easier and better results. This is not one of those things where we produce a training product, wash our hands and hope that people go through it. If people aren’t going through, we ask ourselves why, because we know that what we teach with TRIBE absolutely works, so there’s got to be a different reason why people are not implementing.

This year we invested hundreds of thousands of dollars back into the experience to create another layer that will hopefully remove a lot of the friction points. We have thousands of stories and results that have been produced but there are still people who are frozen in the implementation side. We take on that responsibility, and because of that obsession in the experience and helping people get results, it has become our greatest superpower.

Pour Your Energy in What You Do Well [6:04]

At the end of the day, when I think about growing a business, there will always be people who will criticise you, there will always be people who won’t like your style, and you will always face challenges. It’s really important to get clear on what your superpower is so that you can double down on the things that are really going to move the needle.

If I were to sit across from you right now, how would you answer what your superpower is? Once you get clear on that, and you will see your momentum accelerate at a pace that you can’t even imagine.

When we try to do all things and be good at everything, we end up becoming mediocre at everything. If you pour your energy into the few things that get massive results for you, you will make way more progress than you ever would trying to do everything. There are a million and one things you can do in marketing and business, but it doesn’t mean you should do them all. I want to encourage you to double down on a few things that you do exceptionally well and pour your energy into that. Make that your super power – the thing that is going to accelerate you further, faster than ever before.

Memorable Quote

If you pour your energy into the few things that get massive results for you, you will make way more progress than you ever would trying to do everything.” – Stu McLaren


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