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People Buy Progress NOT Stuff

We think people are buying more stuff. They’re not. In this episode I show you a real world example of what they are buying and how it turns them into loyal, raving fans.

Big Ideas

The Story Behind My Peloton Addiction [00:50]

I just crossed a very significant milestone. I’ve finished my 100th ride on the Peloton. This was something that I had been building towards, and I was mentally preparing for this ride because I wanted to set a new personal record for a 20 minute ride. So I picked up a class, jumped on the Peloton, I went full out, pulled ahead of myself and beat my personal record by one, but I did it!

I started looking back at where I was just over a year ago when we got the Peloton, and it’s crazy to look at the difference. The way you measure your progress is not just on the leaderboard, it’s by your output. That’s the true measuring stick. So if you look at my output for a 20 minute ride when we first got the Peloton, it was 177, now it’s 302. For a 30 minute ride, it was 312 and now it’s 426. And for a 45 minute ride, it was 531, now it’s 617. That’s significant progress right? And that’s what keeps me glued. You may think that people are always buying more stuff. But it’s not true. What they’re buying is progress. And the thing that Peloton has done so well is they’ve created a measuring stick so that we can see the progress we’re making.

The Importance of a Measuring Stick [4:11]

When you’re helping people in your business, what’s your measuring stick? In TRIBE, one of the things we talk about all the time is that you have to have a success path. The success path is ultimately the journey that somebody is going to go on to learn these new skills that you will be teaching them. And we have to map that journey inside of our membership sites. Most people don’t have any kind of measuring stick in their business. They think that people are buying because they want more stuff, so they keep loading them up with all kinds of new things. People get overwhelmed, and then they bail.

If you want success long-term, your success depends on the progress that you can help people make. How will your offer improve somebody’s life? How can you measure the progress that someone is making toward that result? When people make progress, it creates a sense of pride and deepens their commitment to you. They’re going to become advocates for your business and tell more people about it. And when you become known for someone who is helping others get results that they’re after, selling becomes almost effortless. You don’t even need to sell, because word of mouth brings people to you.

Launch (or grow) a Successful Online Membership Business [8:29]

One of the things I want to encourage you to do is to come join us for our free workshop coming up on April 23rd. Visit to register for free. In the first part of the workshop, you’ll learn whether your market is a good fit for a membership, and what type of membership you should think about rolling out. But in part two, I’m going to be talking about what to provide inside the membership. I’ll be talking all about the success path, why it’s so important and how to structure it for your business.

Even if you aren’t thinking about a membership site, it absolutely is worth your time to come and join us for the free workshop just for that part. Whether you have courses or coaching programs, or you’re consulting, or you have a product-based or service-based business; at the end of the day, we’re all helping people make progress in some area of their life. So, you absolutely need a measuring stick to be able to show that progress.

Our TRIBers get unbelievable results and have higher retention than anybody as it relates to membership sites. Remember, it’s all about progress, not stuff. People are buying progress. They are buying a result.

Memorable Quote

Your future depends on the results that you can help people get. And it’s important that you have a measuring stick to be able to showcase how you help people get results.” – Stu McLaren


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