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Could The Quarantine Be Good for Business?

I was invited to join 70 of the world’s top thought leaders for a discussion about how the Coronavirus will impact business. And from that came a powerful question that will spark your imagination.

Big Ideas

The One Powerful Question To Ask Yourself [0:56] 

The people that were involved in this particular discussion are all names that you would recognize. They have top podcasts and New York Times bestselling books. They are the who’s who of the thought leader space. If you tried to get all of those people into a physical room, it would have taken months, even years of planning way in advance. But because of the new world we live in, where we are all home and bunkered down, it was super-fast and easy to get us together virtually. 

During the call, we were all there to share and support one another. I shared stories of how people in our TRIBE Community have pivoted or doubled down, and how now they’re seeing phenomenal results because people are at home and they’re hungry to learn, and more importantly, they are hungry to have community and connection. 

But there was also a really powerful question that came up during this conversation. How can I use this time to perfectly position myself when this ends? As a business owner, what could you do right now to use this time to perfectly position you and your business when this ends? There’s two categories of this – the professional category for your business, and the personal category for your life. 

Taking Action On Your Business Ideas [4:00] 

Let’s talk professionally. What could you do now? Well, it’s a perfect time to create content. Could that be content for a blog, a YouTube channel, a podcast or your social channels? Could you use this time to batch produce a whole bunch of content? If you have your own membership site, could you use this time to get way ahead in your content production for that? It could also be a great time to set up a new campaign. 

For example, my business partners and I were going through different campaigns that we could set up for our new software, Zoom has now become the de-facto platform for so many people worldwide to connect and meet, especially in the business world. You’ve got all these meetings happening and afterwards, that recording just sits there, and it’s very difficult for anybody to go back through it to reference anything that was spoken about during that meeting. Searchie happens to perfectly complement Zoom, because not only does it transcribe the content, but also allows people to search within that video. So, we realized that this is a great campaign we can set up specifically for people using Zoom. Similarly, you could also use this time to launch anything that has been sitting in the back of your mind this whole time.

Becoming A Better, Healthier Person [7:15]

Let’s talk about the personal side. How could you use this time to perfectly position yourself for when this ends? What about with your fitness, could you get back into a healthy regimen of fitness? What about healthy eating? So, at the end of it, you’re going to come away a healthier human being because of the way you’re eating, or perhaps juicing, meditating or getting into yoga. 

I hope you are looking to reframe this scenario, see it as a gift and ask yourself that question. How could I use this time to perfectly position myself when this ends? It’s a powerful question that relates to both your business and your personal life. And if you think on it and take action, you’re going to come away better, stronger, and have more momentum than ever before.

Memorable Quote

What could you do right now to use this time to perfectly position you and your business when this ends?” – Stu McLaren


Eben Pagan – Eben Pagan Training

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