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Coronavirus: How To THRIVE in Turbulent Times

The media portrays the doom and gloom of the Coronavirus but in this episode I want to show you how others are thriving during all of this – and how you can too!

Big Ideas

Rising Above Uncertainty [0:48]

There are businesses right now that are experiencing their best sales ever amidst the craziness of the coronavirus. It only takes a shift in how you’re viewing the coronavirus for you to see the opportunity and take advantage of it. You can do so by identifying the different needs to be filled that have arisen, and positioning yourself as someone who is able to not only fill those needs, but do it in an authentic, genuine and high-level service way. Let’s talk about three actions that I believe all entrepreneurs should be taking right now.

Show Up and Serve [7:40]

When I was asked if I’m still planning on moving forward with our upcoming promotions, my answer was a definite yes. The best thing we can do now as entrepreneurs is to show up. It’s our responsibility to show up both for our audience and our teams. And what’s more, this is an opportunity for us to create community and connection that right now people can’t get anywhere else. It’s about creating a safe space to communicate with your audience, show up and support one another, and form a powerful community. Remember to be sensitive to the situation, and be careful and cautious about your health and the health of others. But don’t stop your businesses. Look at it as an opportunity to show up with compassion and support people like never before.

There are all kinds of great examples of the companies who are doing it right now. Here in Canada, Bell are waiving extra usage fees for the next few months. They know people are quarantined at home, so internet usage is going to go through the roof. So instead of penalizing people, they’re waiving those extra fees. Awesome way to show up and serve!

Identify the NEW Problem and Solve It [13:10]

Identifying new problems and solving them is exactly what we do as entrepreneurs, it’s exactly what businesses are built upon. However, there is a difference between identifying a new problem, and manipulating and taking advantage of the situation. For example, right now millions of people are working from home, who have never had the experience of being able to do this. This is a new problem for a lot of companies who have never done it before. How can they do it and adapt to the change effectively? There’s an opportunity for companies who do have that experience to show up, help bridge that gap and solve that new problem. Tools, resources, best practices, systems, tips, tricks, all about how to work from home or work with a distributed team.

Be A Leader [23:08]

You need to lead yourself and your family, all while thinking about ‘what does this make possible’? If you’re quarantined with your family, it’s more family time. It’s more time to pursue passions. Perhaps it’s time to pursue shared experiences with one another. My friend Nicholas Wilton had a great statement – ‘When we look back at this time, we want to ask ourselves – I used this time to ____’ What are you going to use this time for? It’s time for you to lead yourself and your family, your community and your customers. What does this time make possible for them to do now that wasn’t possible before? And what does it make possible for your business?

Amazon just recently hired 100,000 new people to help with deliveries. Universal Pictures is releasing its current movies online because people can’t go to the movie theaters. Disney + are going to release Frozen 2 earlier than expected. All of this is creating an opportunity for us to lead our teams, experiment and try different things. In some cases, it created urgency for us to take these ideas that have been percolating for some time, and try and experiment with them. This is an opportunity to step up and step into what this time period has given us.

Come Out Thriving [27:53]

There are going to be turbulent times for all kinds of people and businesses. I know it’s scary and uncertain out there, and we’ve never had to navigate this kind of thing before. But I also know that there are always people who come out on the other side of this thriving. Not because they’re manipulating the situation, but because they’re choosing to show up and serve, identify a new problem, and lead. We can either hide and retreat and live in a place of fear, or we can use our god given abilities as entrepreneurs to solve problems and help people at the highest level.

Memorable Quote

We can either hide and retreat and live in a place of fear, or we can use our god given abilities as entrepreneurs to solve problems and help people at the highest level. ” – Stu McLaren

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