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A Counterintuitive Approach to Attracting Your Audience

In this episode, I’m going to share with you a counterintuitive approach to attracting your audience. At first, it’s going to feel tremendously uncomfortable, but the more you sink into adopting this approach, you’ll see more momentum in your business than you’ve ever seen before.

Big Ideas

Learning From My Own Mistakes [0:57]

This approach was a hard-learned lesson for me, and I was reminded of this again when I was speaking at the Business Boutique event. I joined a panel discussion for their VIP luncheon where we talked about all kinds of different topics, but one of the questions had me particularly fired up. This person asked how can they attract more people to their business, so I asked her some simple straight-foward follow up questions that all of us should get clear on:

  • Who is your market? Who specifically do you serve?
  • What specific challenge do you solve?
  • How is someone’s life going to be better or different as a result of buying your product or service?

As she responded to the first question, I realized how broad her response was. It was a very general market. And it reminded me how in my early days, I had a brand called My Idea Guide. I was so proud of it yet it was so hard to get traction, because I was trying to appeal to everyone. It was difficult for people to understand how exactly I could help them. Almost ten years later, my friend and mentor Mr Reid Tracy said to me, “Why don’t you focus on specifically helping people add recurring revenue to their business through membership sites?” My ego was getting in the way of Reid’s wisdom. I thought if I only focus on one thing, I’m going to eliminate all these potential people that I could help out. Nonetheless, I started to realize that Reid was right, and I narrowed my focus. From that point forward, I experienced incredible momentum, because I was finally known for something specific.

Narrow Your Focus [7:02]

When I think about this, I encourage people to try these three things in order to attract their audience. Lesson number one, start narrow. I was trying to help all business owners, with all things marketing and growing their business. But only when I started to narrow and focus on one specific part of the business, which was adding recurring revenue through memberships and subscription, things took off. You got to go after a specific market.

Get Specific On The Problem You Solve [8:36]

Lesson number two, be specific about the problem you solve. When I made that shift to focus on recurring revenue, it was a specific problem that people wanted to solve. Either they had a membership site and wanted to grow it, but didn’t know how to do it, or they didn’t have any recurring revenue whatsoever and they wanted to create one for their business. When you’re being specific, it makes it really easy to attract the kind of audience that you want to serve, and for people to relay the message of what it is you do to others.

Consistency Is The Key To Success [10:35]

Lesson number three, stay consistent. Patience in business is one of those things that will serve you so tremendously well in the long run. So many of us, as entrepreneurs, get really excited when we start experiencing all this success, and we worry that it’ll all go way. But the truth is, it won’t go away as long as you continue to produce a result for people. As long as you continue to solve this specific problem for people, you’ll always be in demand.

You may start feeling the need and the desire to start branching out into different things, but you have to stay consistent with the problem that you solve and the market that you serve. If you do that, you’ll build your business faster than you could have ever imagined. The deeper you go with these three things, the easier it will be for you to attract more people into your world, and the easier it’ll be to convert your marketing into sales.

Memorable Quote

When you’re being specific, it makes it really easy to attract the kind of audience that you want to serve, and for people to relay the message of what it is you do to others.” – Stu McLaren

As long as you continue to solve a specific problem for people, you’ll always be in demand.” – ScLarentMu


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