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Creating Crazy Momentum From a Standing Start (Part 2)

Can you create momentum from a standing start? Heck yes, you can and in today’s episode, you’ll hear from three people who did it and see how you can too!

Inspiring Stories

Greg: Accountability Coach for Young Entrepreneurs [04:50]

Greg serves young entrepreneurs and keeps them accountable to their goals and dreams. He was on the fence about joining TRIBE, BUT pulled the trigger and hasn’t looked back! Using The Founding Launch script bonus, he made over $3,700 in sales in less than 48 hours for his new membership! This completely covered the cost of TRIBE, which he was originally worried about.

Steph: Microblading Subscription Box [10:49]

Steph has a brick-and-mortar microblading studio. She had more than $15,000 in business lined up, but had to cancel due to the current situation. Uh oh… So what did she do next? She shifted her focus to her people, made a pivot, and started her very own Founding Member Launch for her brand new subscription box. Out of the 218 people on her list, she sold out! 92 people signed up for her membership box and she made $8,300!

Bobby: Plant-based Pharmacist [18:15]

Bobby is a plant-based pharmacist, and he used the Founding Member Launch strategy and offered it to his detox group of 108 people. The results are incredible…. 55 people joined a membership and he had NOTHING ready!

Do You Have Momentum on Your Side? [23:29]

It’s incredible what he they have been able to accomplish in such a short period of time. They all got momentum on their side, and it’s that momentum that pushes us forward! You don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going.

Memorable Quote

Action creates momentum, momentum creates confidence, and confidence welcomes more people into your world that you can serve.” – Stu McLaren


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