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A New Experiment With Surprising Results

I think I may have just landed on a BIG breakthrough that you can use in your business to drive more consumption of your content and ultimately more sales.

Big Ideas

A New App with Surprising Results [00:30]

Telegram is a new app that our team has been experimenting with, that has led to surprising results. It’s kind of like WhatsApp, except the big difference is that it’s 1-way communication versus 2-way. We’ve got plenty of options for 2-way communication, but I wanted a simple way to keep members informed. Unlike other platforms like Facebook and Instagram, that filter what you see in your newsfeed, Telegram allows you to get your communication directly to the people who have asked for it. If you’d like to join my Telegram channel, visit

People Are Consuming the Content Quickly [03:50]

I’ve been using the app to share thoughts, ideas, strategies, research studies, answer questions, and a whole lot more. What’s been fascinating to see is how quickly people are consuming the content. Remember, people who are signing up to this group are people who want to hear from me. And I don’t have to worry about them missing my updates, because I’m going directly to the source. What I found was that within 24 hours, 25% of the people have consumed my content. Within 48 hours, 50% have consumed my content. And within one week, between 70% and over 100% of people are consuming the content.

Wait, over 100%? You may be wondering how exceeding 100% is possible. Well, what’s happening is that people are forwarding the content to people outside the group. Imagine that! Imagine within one week, 70-100% of people who are following you have consumed your posts. This is what’s possible with this app.

Platforms Change, Strategy Stays the Same [07:17]

I’m not saying to forget platforms like Facebook and Instagram and do everything via Telegram. Your strategy shouldn’t change because you’re using a different platform. Telegram is an effective way to communicate with our audience, that’s it. But should that change what we say? No. We still need to create value, we still need to create amazing content, and we still need to show up and serve our audience.

I Encourage You to Try Stuff [08:17]

I encourage you to try stuff. And remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect! I could have gotten all twisted up trying to launch a perfect Telegram strategy, but I’ve been down that road before and it’s a surefire way to hold yourself back. Instead, I just launched and now I’m learning a ton in the process. I encourage you to do the same!

Don’t Not Stop the Other Stuff [10:09]

I often see people jump from platform to platform. This is not what I’m suggesting. I don’t want you to move all of your communication to Telegram. I’m just saying that Telegram is a great compliment to communicating with your audience. I don’t want you to stop email, or Facebook, or Instagram, or podcasting, or whatever it may be. All of these channels attract a different type of audience. Telegram is just one more option to consider.

If you’d like to join my Telegram channel, visit

Memorable Quote

The platforms may change, but the strategy should stay the same.” – Stu McLaren


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