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FB Live or IG Live?

Should you do a Facebook Live or an Instagram Live? In this episode, I’m going to share three tips that will help you decide which one will be most beneficial for your business.

Big Ideas

Go Where Your Audience Is [1:40]

It doesn’t matter whether it’s Instagram Live or Facebook Live. What matters, is where your audience is. I can’t tell you whether you should go on Facebook Live or on Instagram Live because I don’t know your audience. You know your audience. Where does your audience hang out? On Instagram, or on Facebook? Wherever the majority of your audience already is right now, that is where you want to go.

Be Consistent [2:28]

No matter whether they are on Facebook or on Instagram, the second most important thing is to get consistent with going live. Don’t just do it randomly one time, do it consistently. Me and Bree from my team were talking about our upcoming promotion for TRIBE and Facebook Lives, and one of the things we both agreed on is that I need to get more consistent with Facebook Lives. I love doing them, but I’ve been too random with them. I need to get consistent and host them on the same day, at the same time. Now people get a rhythm of consuming your content, whatever that rhythm is for you. Get into a rhythm of creating consistent content that solves specific problems for your audience.

Amplify Your Reach [4:05]

How do you get more people on your lives? How do you create more exposure? You amplify through ads. The more consistent you are, the more viewers you’re going to get, but you can amplify it by creating anticipation ahead of time. Create some posts that are going to let people know where you’re going to be live and what you’ll be speaking about. You can create ads to drive traffic to those posts, or create ads for after you go live to amplify more viewers so that more and more people watch. You could even do watch parties if you’re on Facebook Live. All of these are designed and engineered to amplify what you’re already doing.

Why Not Do Both? [6:13]

The other kicker to all of this, you can do both. You don’t have to choose one platform, but you should focus on the primary platform and leverage it, whether it’s Facebook Live or Instagram Live. For me, it’s Facebook. And then if I’ve got some extra time, I can fire up a good old Instagram Live too.

Memorable Quote

“I can’t answer for you and your audience, whether you should do Facebook Live or Instagram Live. I don’t know your audience like you do.” – Stu McLaren

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