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Forget That Guy

Brief Overview

In this episode I read an email from a guy who clearly looks for the negative in everything.  Can your marketing appeal to these people? Find out in this episode.

Big Ideas

You Can’t Please Everyone [00:36]

In life, we all know that we are never going to be able to please everybody. It doesn’t matter how much we try and do, there’s always going to be one person who will view it in a negative way. I’ll share an example in just a moment. But first, I should set the stage…

This year, has been our most successful year to date for our signature course, Tribe. It was our best year in terms of front-end sales and in terms of our lowest refund rate ever. This speaks to the energy and effort our team has poured in to making the entire on-boarding and learning experience world-class.

One of the new things that we did this year was included an offline component. So, the course is all being delivered online, but to help increase engagement and create a more rich learning experience, we wanted to provide a bunch of stuff offline too. We actually sent a physical box with things inside. I was super pumped and excited about this, because for me, it adds a whole new dimension to the learning experience. People were pumped too. When their boxes started arriving, people were taking pictures of themselves and posting it in the Facebook group. Everyone was talking about how excited they were to get the box. It was awesome and it created this incredible energy.

Haters Gonna Hate [02:38]

But even with that said, believe it or not, there are still people who will just view things through a negative lens. For example, I got an email from a customer who wrote the following:

Stu, why all the hype about a box full of envelopes? Quite frankly, you built it up so much that when it was opened, it was a disappointment. You could’ve sent emails instead, along with a coupon to a favorite ice cream parlor. Now, that would’ve been grounds for a celebration.

I responded…

Here’s what I find interesting. Two people can have the exact same experience and hear that exact same thing and yet their perception of the experience can be completely opposite. How is that possible? Perspective. Some focus on what isn’t, others focus on what is. And there are plenty of people inside of Tribe who are really excited about getting their box and digging into the contents of the box as evidenced by all the pictures and posts in the Facebook group. Same experience, different perspective. I’m not sure what you are thinking could be put in a box, but the reason for my excitement is because I know what is possible if you use what’s inside. And when I think about that, I feel like I way under-promised on the value. But if you view it as a few envelopes and some paper and you don’t use what is provided to guide you through what you’re learning, then yes, your experience will reflect that perspective. Unfortunately, there’s nothing anyone can do about that. All the best, Stu.

Don’t Let The Negative Nancy’s Derail You [08:23]

You are always going to have people (the “Negative Nancy’s”) who are going to find a fault in everything that you do no matter how hard you try—no matter how much energy, effort, and support that you pour in. And I’m just telling you as the business owner, forget them. Just stay focused on what you do best. Stay focused on loving the people who appreciate you. Stay focused on serving the people who get it. Those negative people can absolutely derail you, but that’s just the way that they view life. That’s their perspective and unfortunately, there’s nothing that you or I can do about it.

So, keep marching on my friends. And keep on loving your audience, keep on up-leveling the game, keep on being you and keep on serving. If you do that, you’re going to experience success long-term.

Memorable Quote

The lens through which we see the world dramatically impacts the experience that we have.” – Stu McLaren

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