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Game Changing Tool

Our team had a massive problem. So, we decided to create an exciting new tool that would solve it. It’s going to be a game changer for anybody who is producing video content. In this episode, I’m going to tell you what it is.

Big Ideas

Where It All Started [2:02]

Several months ago, we hired a new video producer. When she first came into the office, we handed her a 96 terabyte hard drive, and asked her to start creating videos for us. It was a very daunting task for her to go through the footage, and  find the clips that we would use for producing content. And that was one of the problems we realized we had – all this digital footage collecting digital dust. 

The second problem was that we’re always creating more content. For example, during our TRIBE experience, every single week day I would go live with our TRIBErs for about an hour, answering questions. It would be daunting for anybody to go back to that video footage and break it down into byte sized chunks. It collects digital dust, and becomes this monster library of answers to questions that nobody can ever search through. 

How Incredible Ideas Happen [4:24]

I want you to take three lessons from my experience that help come up with incredible ideas. First, every problem is an opportunity. When I look at the businesses I’ve had in the past, I can pick three of them that were born simply because I had a problem myself and I decided to solve that problem. The problems we’re experiencing are not only happening to us, they’re happening to everyone in the marketplace. 

Second, always ask good questions. When our team decided to solve those problems, we started asking different questions, like “How could we search through that content?” We wanted a solution that would help us search through videos and take us to the exact moment where I said XYZ. So that became the basis of a new innovation that our team created. 

And three, scratch your own itch. If you’ve got a problem – pay attention to it, because there’s a good chance other people have that problem too.

The Game-Changer [5:57]

We started the very basic version of the tool that we used internally, and implemented it halfway through our TRIBE experience. So there was a huge difference between “before the tool” and “after the tool”. And they were two totally different experiences. 

Before this tool, I would go live every week day, we would download every recording manually from Facebook, manually upload it to our members area, and have somebody on our team go through it and timestamp things to find when I would answer certain questions. And then we would manually send that to people.

After this tool, I would go live and as soon as I finished, that video would get sucked into our members area automatically, instantly get transcribed and made searchable, and enable people to type in a keyword and get to that exact moment in the video when I’m speaking to that keyword.  

It instantly cut down our customer support by a significant amount. Every day we would get 50 to 60 support related questions sent to our helpdesk, but after implementing this tool, it was less than 10 questions per day. 

Stu, Where Can I Find This Tool? [11:15]

We started with a very small group of people who have been using the tool to solve customer support problems and create a better experience for their people. And now we’re ready to share it with the world. You can find the tool by going to It’s an ideal tool for anyone who is creating any type of video content that people want to consume. 

Our team has also just released a feature to connect it to a podcast, so I’m going to be connecting this podcast to Searchie. After every episode, you’re going to be able to go to a search page which will enable you to type in a keyword and bring you to the exact moment in any podcast episode where I’m talking about what you searched for. It’s going to make your life so much easier – as a consumer, but also as a creator and producer. With the volume of video content that’s out there these days, there’s never been a more important tool to help you find exactly what you want within videos.

Memorable Quote

Problems are nothing more than opportunities.” – Stu McLaren



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