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3 Steps To a High Converting Offer

If you’re wanting to make your next offer a big win, follow the 3 steps outlined in this episode. I didn’t and it almost cost me.


Every single year, we host an event called TRIBE Live for entrepreneurs who have membership sites. This year, because of COVID, we couldn’t do it live and in person. I was sad about not being able to bring people together, but our event management team, Sage Events, turned me on to a new way to deliver an event, and that is by creating a virtual experience. This was much more than just a webinar, or just me standing in front of a Zoom camera. It really was a high production event, just delivered virtually.

It was a really cool experience because we were able to bring thousands and thousands of people together, who normally would not be able to experience TRIBE Live, particularly our international audience. But with that came some crucial mistakes that I want to share with you…

Big Ideas

Get Clear on Who You are Selling to [4:26]

First and foremost, this event was a mixture of people who had come through our TRIBE Experience AND people who had not come through our TRIBE Experience. So, this was their first taste of the TRIBE culture and the TRIBE environment. Similarly, there were over 3,000 people who were with us live, and of those 3,000 people, 1,300 people already belonged to our TRIBE membership. That’s important because as you’re going to see, part of the mistake that we made was not realizing that we should be crafting an offer for the vast majority of people and not a percentage of our audience.

The first tip I want to give you is that when you are making an offer, you have to get clear on who you are selling to. As I mentioned, in our audience, we had 1,300 people who already belonged to our TRIBE membership. And that was the primary thing that we were focused on, providing people the opportunity to join us, but almost half of the people already belong to it. That immediately cut the people that we were speaking to almost in half. We should have taken a step back and asked ourselves, what would be the ideal offer for everybody in this group? Not just a portion of the people, but the vast majority of the group.

Make the Next Step Clear and Simple [7:04]

Step number two, make sure that you have a clear and simple next step. I take full responsibility for this because I pride myself on being clear and concise, and mapping out for people what that next step is, but I screwed this one up.

We have our TRIBE Membership, and that was the primary focus of the event, to welcome people into our TRIBE Membership. However, there were different avenues to join the TRIBE Membership. If you were already a TRIBE member, then you needed to go this way. If you weren’t already part of TRIBE, you needed to go that way. Then, we had our charity that we featured at the event. One of the ways to raise money for the charity was to offer another type of membership. In the end, people got confused. They didn’t know which membership to choose.

To make matters worse, we also had a breakfast for people who would qualify for our TRIBE Masterminds. Now, we had two different memberships, we had our mastermind, and then we also had a demo of Searchie, which is our software, and there were just too many things. There wasn’t one clear next step that made sense for everyone.

If you’re not clear, they’re definitely not going to be clear. That was very evident in the results that happened after that first day when we made the offer. Sales were not where we expected them to be and it created the need for me to take time and break things down and clarify it for people the next day. Luckily, that helped us, and by the end of the event everything came together, and it proved to be a profitable event. However, we could have saved a lot of heartache and headache had we been clear with a simple next step.

Focus on ONE Offer [9:54]

Number three, make one offer. As I shared with you before, we had a whole bunch of different offers. You could join this membership, you could join that membership. If you join that membership and if you’re a TRIBE member, you go this way. If you’re not a TRIBE member, you go that way. And then you can join the mastermind, and we also had Searchie.

Don’t try to overdo it. I got caught up in the momentum, and I wanted to make sure that we were able to serve all people with all things. And when you try to serve all people with all things, you don’t end up serving anybody with anything.

How would I do this differently next time? One of the bright sides that came from that event and that whole experience was that we did a demo for a portion of the audience, about 400 people. The demo was featuring our new feature, Searchie hubs. The hook was to come and watch us recreate the TRIBE Course area in three minutes or less. People were excited to see it, because anybody who had come through our TRIBE Experience and had taken that course in that program, knew how beautiful that course area was, so they were intrigued. The crazy thing is, 94% of the people who saw the demo, signed up for Searchie. So, in hindsight, we should have done that demo for the entire audience, because that’s an example of an offer that would have made sense for everybody.

Memorable Quote

What’s the next logical step for your audience to take? If it’s not clear to you, it definitely won’t be clear to them.” – Stu McLaren

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