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How To Properly Scale For Maximum Success (and Minimum Stress)

What’s the best way for you to take your idea and get it into the hands of as many people as possible? In this episode I’ll share how to scale up… the right way.

Big Ideas

Scale with No Stress [2:52]

In Episode #188, I shared with you some of the mistakes that we made in terms of the offer at our TRIBE Live event. But one of the big bright things that happened at the event was us doing a small demo of the new Searchie features which enable you to create an amazing learning experience for your people. 94% of the people that saw that demo signed up for Searchie, and I wanted to share it with everybody as quickly as possible. Fortunately, my brother-in-law and business partner Andrew, who’s got decades of experience in scaling software companies, told me to slow down and do it for a small group first. He has helped me see the wisdom in having a proper strategy to not only scale, but do it with a whole lot less stress. We had developed a whole new process for onboarding people and helping them not only get familiar with Searchie, but also immediately start gaining benefit from it. It’s definitely more hands-on but it worked out to be a phenomenal success.

Start Super Small [4:40]

You’ve got this idea, and you want to just blow it up and share it with the world. What’s the best way to roll it out to gain the most amount of money momentum long-term? Step number one is to start super small. If you listen to Episode #171, this is all about the founding member launch, and this is something we recommend for membership sites. To do a founding member launch, you don’t have to go and create a whole member’s area. You don’t have to go and create a sales page or videos or a webinar. You could get started right away to gauge whether what you have is something that your market wants with a simple Facebook post or a simple email.

We have had thousands of people this year use the founding member launch successfully to create massive momentum for themselves in the launch of their new membership sites. But the same principle are true for when you are launching a new offer of any kind. The best thing you can do is to keep it super simple and streamlined in the beginning and focus on serving a super small group. You just want a handful of people, not to generate thousands of dollars, but to iron out the kinks, and to have real people using your offer so that real people can get real results, and so that you’ve got real stories to share.

The reason why starting small is so important is that you minimize the support load with a small group of people, and you maximize your ability to iterate and make changes based on the feedback and experience of that small group of people. If we had rolled this out for everybody all at once, chances are we would have had a boatload of feedback coming at us, and we would have been drowning in support. It would not have allowed us to be able to make the changes right there on the fly and would have slowed us down dramatically.

Tweak to Perfection [10:46]

Number two, tweak it to perfection. This is where you want to create an onboarding sequence to help people start consuming, and to create systems and support to be able to help your people. One of the big things for us was documentation, so that people will know how to use this new feature. Otherwise, they’re going to have questions, and the questions are going to come back to us to support them. This is all about tweaking the whole process to help your people consume what it is that you’re delivering in a faster, easier way.

For example, we had Will on our team conduct hundreds and hundreds of one-on-one calls and Zoom meetings with all of the new people who joined Searchie during the TRIBE Live event. And we realized that if we roll this out to the greater audience, how can we train our team to be able to scale this up and serve not just a few hundred people, but several thousands, or even tens of thousands? It was an indicator that we needed to hire more people to serve our customers during this onboarding process.

Go Big [13:34]

Number three, go big. This is where you can really ramp things up. You can pour in the Facebook ads. You can create a big launch around it. You can scale up knowing that you’ve got the confidence, knowing that the product has been refined and it’s ready to go. You’ve got the stories of real users of that small group of people who have been using it and getting results. And you’ve got the support structure to ensure that all of those new people coming on board have an amazing experience, and they get incredible results.

Memorable Quote

“Start super small with a group of people with the intention of getting feedback from them and having real people use it so you can see what they’re doing, where they’re getting stuck, and what changes you can make” – Stu McLaren


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