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How to Sell When You Don’t Like to Sell with Michael Maidens

Brief Overview

What if you don’t like marketing and selling? How are you going to grow your business then? If you’ve ever felt uncomfortable with marketing and selling your products and services, you’re going to absolutely love this episode with the one and only, Michael Maidens.

Big Ideas

[04:07] What if you’re someone who wants to be effective with your marketing but you’re hesitant to push your products/services because you don’t want to come across as sleazy, slimy or aggressive?

Michael suggests that you think back to a time before you had your current knowledge and expertise in a certain area. Connect with that and recognize just how amazing that actually is. Start to appreciate the value of the journey you’ve been on, the different things you’ve tried, tested, and researched to get to this point. Try to feel the frustration, fear and limitations you had before your product or service existed. What was life like without what you now offer to the world? Shine a light on that and you’ll begin to appreciate the actual impact that your product and services can have on others.

[00:10:11] Think about how the product or service that you offer could be positioned as a gift. Imagine someone open’s what you’re offering and is like, “Oh my goodness, you know me better than any other person. All these other gifts are irrelevant. You just handed me exactly what I need in my life right now.” There’s a different feeling that comes from the perspective of offering a gift, versus something you’re trying to sell. Selling sounds aggressive. A gift sounds like something you want to give to as many people as possible. From this angle, your marketing will be coming from a much different perspective.

Quotes to Remember

Selling is just the opportunity for someone to fast forward to where you are now, because you’re selling to a previous version of yourself.” – Michael Maidens

Think about how the product or service that you offer could be positioned as a gift.” – Michael Maidens

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