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I Hate Marketing

Brief Overview

So, picture this, I’m at a marketing conference and a woman stands up and says, “I hate marketing.” I thought, “What is going on here?” And when I thought about it, I realized that there were two important ingredients that she was missing and if you’ve ever felt that way or you’ve ever felt discouraged in your business, you’re absolutely going to want to listen to this episode.

Big Ideas

[02:42] If I ever hear somebody say that they hate marketing and they’re an entrepreneur, I know that they are missing two important ingredients. The first is a belief in the product that they’re selling. If you hate marketing, then you may be missing belief in your product. And here’s what I mean. When you’ve have a good product or service or an offer that you know is going to help people, and the product and the quality of it is really good, then you’ll want to get that product in front of more people. So, if you hate marketing, you might want to ask yourself, “Is it because I don’t have a product that I believe in?” If you don’t have a product that you believe in, then you need to go back to the drawing board because you’ve either got to improve the product that you’re currently selling or you have to create something else that you do believe in.

[04:25] Now, if you have a great product that you believe in and you still hate marketing, it’s likely that you don’t have a connection to your customers. If you’re not connected to the customer, you likely don’t have a connection with the transformation that your customers are experiencing as a result of your product. This is a problem because if you aren’t connected to the transformation of the product that you’re selling, and you’re not connected to your customers, then it’s just a meaningless transaction.  

You want to be connected to the transformation that your products produce. When you get connected to that transformation, the byproduct to that is confidence. You develop so much more confidence as an entrepreneur because you know that the product you have is going to help people get a result. And so, you’ll experience a shift in mindset from selling to serving. As long as you’re committed to helping more people with the products you sell, you ought to fall back in love with marketing because it is the greatest way to help more people.

Quote to Remember

When you believe in the product you’re selling, nothing will hold you back from getting that product in front of as many people as possible.” – Stu McLaren

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