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James Wedmore and His $18,000 Email

Brief Overview

Most people tend to get super caught up in perfecting every little detail before launching their product or service. Today, my good friend James Wedmore is here to teach you a much smarter approach. You’ll find out how he created one email that pulled in a ton of customer insight and resulted in $18,000 of sales before his product was even created!

Big Ideas

[01:07] Find out how James pre-sold $18,000 in sales for a course that didn’t exist—with 1 simple email (no landing page, no content, and no guarantee or opportunity for a refund)

[02:25] Discover the ninja survey process that will tell you exactly what your audience is struggling with—you’ll also build a small army of beta testers in the process!

[05:55] How exactly did James pre-qualify prospects who were yearning to purchase?

[10:20] The email: “Hey, thank you for the continued interest. Here’s the deal. The program is going to be created live over the next several weeks. Then, it will be turned into our flagship marketing course to be sold at $2,000 or higher. I’m willing to let scholarship applicants (everybody who made a video but didn’t get accepted) in for $1,000. But if you decide this is indeed a right fit for you, I’ve included a 50% coupon code, so you can get it for just $497. That expires this Friday. The coupon code is “BETA”. Here’s what you must know before joining us. This gives you lifetime access to the program but there are no refunds or guarantees. Right now there is no content in the members area. It will be added over the next several weeks. Here’s a link to purchase, thank you again.”

[12:05] Why your product/service doesn’t have to be perfectly put together in order to launch.

Quotes to Remember

I believe we’re always leaving money on the table.” – James Wedmore

You don’t have to worry about it being perfect, before you start attracting your clients.” – James Wedmore

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