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Flipping The Request

Brief Overview

It could have been a near disaster for his high level mastermind. Instead James Wedmore used a simple technique to generate nearly $900K in revenue!

Big Ideas

Facing the Disaster and Flipping the Request [3:02]

James runs a high-level (and highly successful) mastermind. One day, a woman in the group told him that her and a few others were about to leave. As it turned out, they all wanted a much higher level mastermind that was designed for seven and eight-figure earners.

While James’ mastermind had been great for these members, this particular group felt that they had outgrown the content. They wanted conversation that was more specific to where they were in their business.

James had to create something new for them or else they’d be gone. He had 20-25 people in his mastermind, and if 7-8 of them were deciding to leave. That would completely ruin the chemistry of the group. James was left with a dilemma – does he create another mastermind? Does he just try to keep it pieced together? Or does he try to rejig the one that he’s got?

Leveraging Your Customer Base [4:55]

One of the things James decided to do was to completely flip the request on its head.

James told that woman that if she wanted him to run a higher level mastermind, she should find the people to make that mastermind work. Many times your customer base, your clients, the people that are already buying from you, are likely hanging out with other targeted customers. So, after that woman asked around, they ended up having 18-19 people join this new mastermind group for seven and eight figure earners.

How Did James Make It Work? [6:20]

There were three specific things that James did. First, he listened. It would have been easy for him to get defensive about the mastermind, tell the woman it’s good enough already and ask her to stay, which would have repelled her further and further away. But he didn’t do that.

Second, he flipped the request. Rather than shouldering the burden of that request himself, he flipped it and told her to go find him the people, so all the heavy lifting was done by her.

Third, he delivered on his promise. If you flip the request, you better be prepared to deliver on it!

Capitalize on Your Momentum with the Help of Your People [7:44]

Many times our clients and customers will come to us with requests for what they want. And while we can’t fulfill on every single request, sometimes there are going to be great opportunities, just like in James’s case. It’s a beautiful story of an amazing guy, who got a ton of momentum on his side and capitalized on that momentum by listening to his clients, flipping the request and delivering.

Sometimes there are alternative ways to be able to attract the people that you want in your programs and memberships, and there’s opportunity right within your existing customer base. That’s why even with my mastermind, we only ever talked about it once publicly. Our existing members are the ones who spread the word. Flip the request and find new people by planting the seed that they could invite others who are just as awesome as they are.

Memorable Quotes

The gold is right within your existing customer base. Plant the seed that they could invite other people who are just as awesome as they are.” – Stu McLaren


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