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Jeff Walker’s LaunchCon Event Debrief

Brief Overview

Every year Jeff Walker and his amazing team host an event called LaunchCon, and this year I got to attend it with my team.

I credit Jeff Walker for teaching me so much about launches. We’re now at a point where we’ve done more than 15 multi-million dollar launches. With more than a decade of experience executing on high-level launches, I still love learning. Launches are changing and evolving all the time, and the types of launches that we do now are dramatically different than the launches that we used to do back then.

In today’s episode I want to recap some of the big takeaways and lessons that I took away from the event.

Big Ideas

Fundamentals Matter [3:33]

The first big lesson is that the fundamentals still matter. There are many different ways to execute a great launch. Some people do the traditional video series launch, some do live launches, and some even do evergreen launches. If you strip away all the bells and whistles, they all have five things in common – creating anticipation, creating community around a launch, social proof, establishing your authority, a great offer & deadline. And those are really the fundamentals that matter.

Don’t Be Afraid to Innovate [5:10]

Lesson number two is a saying that I first heard from a good friend of mine, Mr. Ryan Levesque, “Emulate then innovate.” I first heard Ryan share that when he was describing trying something new. He first finds somebody who’s done it at a high-level and then emulates them by doing exactly what they did. Once he’s had that experience, only then will he innovate on that and add his own flair. Often when we’re learning lessons from other people, there’s the tendency to immediately innovate on it which may make you miss some of the really important nuances that make whatever they’re teaching and sharing so effective.

Ocean Robbins also had a great presentation where he was sharing a split test that he was doing on one of his launches, and there were a number of ideas that popped out for me. One of the split tests was having a positive angle in his video versus a negative angle, which means talking about the opportunity and creating a positive vibe in a video versus talking about the pain point. Ocean’s split test produced a slightly better result, because, as said by Russell Brunson, people either want to move toward pleasure or move away from pain. Another thing that stood out for me from his talk was that he created custom videos and landing pages for his top JV partners. He was saying how it boosted the conversion rates for the JV partners who had those custom landing pages and video, so I am definitely going to be modeling that.

Redefining Customers’ Experience [7:46]

Marissa and Jason were both talking about redefining the experience that your customers and clients have.

Now, we’ve invested a ton into revamping the experience of Tribe, and it was a game changer because it dropped our refund rate in half. We had way more case studies and stories of people who were getting tremendous results, but Marissa and Jason got me thinking about doing this before the actual product itself.

We invested a ton in terms of revamping the experience and incorporating gamification into the whole experience after somebody buys, but what if we did that before people buy it? Could we gamify the pre-launch process?

More Creative Launch Ideas [8:59]

There was a ton of others too like Jeff Walker. Jeff had always typically done a three-video workshop, and this time he debriefed his live launch where each piece of launch material that he released was a live broadcast. As he was walking through the different pieces he and his team executed on, it sparked an idea for our next launch. While we are not going to do an entire live launch because I love producing a high-quality video experience, there were some cool innovations that they did during that live experience that I believe will be tremendously beneficial. I am not going to share what they are yet because I want them to be a surprise. However, it definitely sparked a bunch of innovative ideas for what we could do to create a live interaction.

Sebastian Night also talked about the evergreen process, and although I’ve never been a huge fan of evergreen, Sebastian got me thinking about creating evergreen funnels on the front end to bring people into our world. We will be doing a live launch for our upcoming software,, but thanks to Sebastian there will absolutely be evergreen funnels for that too.

The Importance of Organizational Structure  [11:58]

Another inspiring presentation was from Luis Flores who is in the Spanish-speaking market helping parents. One of the things he talked about was obsessing about your audience, and it got me thinking that we can do a much better job obsessing over our audience not only after they buy from us, but also before.

Annie Hyman Pratt also got my wheels turning when she spoke about how to scale teams and companies. This is a really critical point in our company’s timeline, because this year will be enormous as we’re about to release, then release another piece of software that we are partnering with Russell Brunson on, and along with that, Tribe is growing like wildfire in the sense that people are getting tremendous results, which will eventually lead to an even bigger launch. Because of that, we have to make sure our team is running on all cylinders. Annie’s presentation gave a clear vision on how to do that effectively as she spoke about structure from an organizational standpoint.

An interesting point that she made was that after events like this, entrepreneurs tend to just dump all their ideas on the team. But what’s important to do instead, is to schedule a post-conference team meeting before you leave. Second thing she said was “Frame your ideas as opportunities to better achieve your current goals.” Rather than just coming back and dumping more stuff on your team’s to-do list, think about how those ideas could support your current goals versus creating new goals. And the third was about the behavior and she said, “Collaborate on how ideas might be implemented and challenges addressed.” She advised to form agreements, talk tentatively and make sure you don’t come in with absolutes like, “We have to do this. This is a must.” Instead, share what you’re thinking of doing and share what you think could help them. And finally, ask for their point of view and listen.

Be Aware of the Mental Game [15:54]

The final big takeaway for me was the importance of the mental game. It was incredible to hear about mental health from people like Dylan Frost, Mastin Kipp, Susan Garrett, and Jeff Walker. I think as entrepreneurs we have to be aware of that. Mental game is a big part of being able to market with confidence. We need to protect our confidence to really be aware of our own mental game as it relates to business.

Memorable Quotes

Frame your ideas as opportunities to better achieve your current goals.” – Annie Hyman Pratt

We need to protect our confidence and really be aware of our own mental game as it relates to business.” – Stu McLaren


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