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You Are Sitting On A MASSIVE Gold Mine

In this episode I’m going to reveal a MASSIVE gold mine that you’re sitting on and probably don’t even realize it. But if you fix this, it’s guaranteed sales.

Big Ideas

How I Discovered This Huge Gold Mine [0:50]

Years ago, I used to own a software company called Wishlist Member. It was the world’s number one membership platform for WordPress, and we made thousands of sales every single year. Over time, we started looking at some performance numbers to try and identify how we could improve our sales. We started drilling into the numbers of our conversions, specifically at how many people landed on sales page versus how many people ended up buying. What we discovered was that it wasn’t just about the number of people that landed on a sales page and bought. There was one more step in between that. Over 50% of the people that were landing on the checkout page were not buying. Our sales page was doing the job, it was getting people from the sales page to the checkout page, but the checkout page was a nightmare. We were losing over 50% of people who were landing on that page. I’m going to walk you through three things you can do to immediately help boost performance of your checkout page.

Capture Them Before They’re Gone [4:00]

Number one is to use a two-step checkout. This is what we have done with our new software Searchie. People go from the sales page, and the first thing they do is submit their name and email address as part of the checkout process. Because of that, we’re able to capture their email, and now we can follow up with them. If we didn’t have that, there would be no way to follow up with them. There is a huge opportunity for you that you can leverage by paying attention to the people who have already expressed interest and got all the way to the checkout page but for whatever reason didn’t make a purchase.

Stay On Top Of Their Mind [6:03]

Number two is to follow up! I know this sounds obvious. Capturing the email or the phone number is part one, but part two is you actually have to do something with it. Have some kind of an email campaign, or a text campaign, or maybe even phone the people. You have to be intentional about having this in place before it actually happens. In the midst of it, when somebody is coming to the checkout page, and they are about to checkout but for whatever reason they don’t, the earlier you follow up with them, the more likely they’re going to buy. It’s critical and imperative that you follow up as early as possible because that is the moment when your product or service is top of mind, and it’s your best chance to increase conversions.

Remember About Remarketing [7:08]

Number three is to run ads. I talked about this back in episode 064, it was by far the most successful ad campaign we have ever run. We spent roughly $30, and generated over $73,000. You put a pixel on the checkout page, and for anyone who lands on that page but doesn’t buy, you run retargeting ads. They are some of the most powerful marketing tools and assets that we have, generating tens of thousands of dollars from a very small ad spend.

Memorable Quote

It’s critical and imperative that you follow up as early as possible because that is the moment when your product or service is top of mind, and it’s your best chance to increase conversions.” – Stu McLaren


MYB064 – Our $73K Facebook Ad

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