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The Bad Just Got Worse

Brief Overview

A bad situation gets worse and it brings up even more lessons for all of us when running our own business.

Who knew there would be a sequel to episode 23’s “The Worst Salesman Ever”? If you haven’t heard that one, go check it out. It was all about having one of the worst sales experiences of my life, when buying my Mini Cooper from a used car dealership. And now, the story continues!

It gets even worse because my car started acting up and I’ve only had it for 6-7 weeks. I found out there’s literally going to be about $3,000 to $4,000 in repairs. Not only was the buying experience horrible, but on top of it, they sold me a lemon.

But there’s something we can all take away from this…

Big Ideas

[04:00] It’s just not worth it to cut corners. Hudson’s Fine Cars knew that there were problems with this car, but they cut corners in how they repaired it so that they could maximize their profit, short-term. But what they forgot, is when you cut corners, you cut your long-term opportunities for maximizing referral sales and long-term sales, repeat sales, and ultimately long-term wealth. Now, not only am I never going to buy anything from them again, but this is the second time that I’m speaking to you and thousands of others about never buying a car at Hudson’s Fine Cars in Toronto because they’re awful.

[05:20] You and I have to think long-term. If we think short-term and we lose sight of the fact that this is going to lead to other sales and we just try to maximize the now opportunity, I’m telling you, it’s going to lead to all kinds of problems. This example serves as another great reminder and lesson that you and I, the first sale that we make, that’s just the beginning. So, treat that first sale like it’s the beginning and treat the people that you do business with well, deliver a quality product, and help people get the result that they’re after. In my case, it was a quality car that I love. Now it’s a car that I absolutely detest, and I just want to get rid of this lemon.

Memorable Quote

People are willing to pay a premium to know that something is done properly.” – Stu McLaren

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