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Two Keys To More Momentum In Your Marketing

Recently we deployed a brand new marketing campaign that proved to be a BIG winner. In this episode, I’ll explain the two keys that made it work.

Big Ideas

Where the Inspiration Came From [0:41]

A few weeks ago, I was in a mastermind meeting where everyone was sharing their strategies. One strategy was from Bari and Blue, who help us produce our live events. This year, they’ve made a transition from live to virtual events. So, they were sharing what’s been going on behind the scenes in their business, and what formula worked for them.

Then, my friend Ryan Levesque talked about how he’s had tremendous success with virtual events as well. He started to break down what he was doing, and it was completely different from Bari and Blue. It’s not to say that one is better or worse than the other, just different. But one of the things I loved about Ryan’s story was how simple he kept it. He didn’t have any fancy production, it was just him, an iPad and helping people get stuff done. At the end of it, he shared the results he’s gotten from this super simple process and it has turned into his most profitable event ever.

Similarly, several weeks ago there was Black Friday, and we didn’t have anything scheduled for it. But the morning of Black Friday, my business partner Andrew called me into a meeting to share an idea. He said, “What if we send out a promotion for all of our Searchie customers who are on the Basic plan, with a way in which they could save a bunch of money if they upgraded to the Pro or Business plan?” He suggested we keep it super simple, and just send them an email saying we could save them a bunch of money if they would like to upgrade, which they could do by hitting reply and letting us know. Almost immediately after we sent that email out, people started responding and saying they’d love that. It’s been a manual process because we wanted to get it out quickly, so our team has been following up with customers and upgrading their accounts accordingly. It resulted in tens of thousands of dollars!

Speed and Simplicity [6:40]

Many times as entrepreneurs, we naturally go down the rabbit hole of overthinking, overengineering and ultimately overwhelming ourselves when it comes to rolling out a new promotion, a new campaign or a new launch. And I love having discussions with people about the founding member launch strategy. This is one of the most simple, most profitable, most successful types of promotion you can do when you’re launching a new campaign. I am working with tens of thousands of entrepreneurs who are launching their memberships every single day, and more people have gained more momentum and experienced more success than ever before using this strategy.

You might think, what if it doesn’t work? With the founding member launch strategy, you are not putting in too much time and effort to create your marketing assets, so there’s no harm if it doesn’t work. What you learn is more important – maybe your messaging is off, or maybe what you’re looking to offer isn’t what the market wants. Isn’t it better to find that out before you go and invest a whole bunch of time, energy and money? I want you to ask yourself three questions that center around getting things out fast and keeping them super simple. Speed and simplicity trump slowness and fanciness any day of the week.

What’s the #1 problem I’m looking to solve? [9:15]

When you go into any marketing campaign or promotion, you have to get clarity around the number one problem or challenge that you are looking to solve for your market. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling, you and your audience have to be clear about how your product, service or offer is going to help them solve a problem or challenge they’re experiencing in their life.

How could I solve that problem in the most simple way? [10:11]

Go back to the Black Friday sale. We did it in the most simple way – it didn’t require a sales page, or a checkout page, or for our development team to build any upgrade. The most simple way for people to let us know that they wanted to upgrade their account and get an extra discount, was just to hit reply to the email. It was so effective because of the simplicity behind it. The simplicity might be related to your product or service, to your offer, or to people responding to that offer, but keeping things simple allows you to be able to move forward without overwhelm and without complicating things. That is crucial when you’re getting your promotions out of the door.

How could I solve that problem in the fastest way? [11:24]

Simplicity and speed are the two key factors that will help you create more momentum in your marketing and in your business than ever before. There are so many entrepreneurs who have great ideas that just sit there collecting dust because they’re not taking any action. Or they’re overwhelming themselves with so many things to do, complicating things so much that they take forever to get those things out the door. When you keep it simple and act fast, you’ll create momentum. And momentum comes from the results. You’ll gain more momentum from getting more things out there and learning from it than you ever will trying to plan everything perfectly.

Memorable Quotes

“Speed and simplicity trump slowness and fanciness any day of the week.” – Stu McLaren

“The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.” – Stephen Covey


Episode 171 – A Super Simple Launch Strategy With Shockingly Good Results

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