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3 Hacks to Creating Massive Momentum With Your Membership Site

If you’ve ever sat on an idea waiting for the “perfect time” to launch, listen to this episode. You’ll hear 3 hacks to help you build massive momentum in a short period of time.

Big Ideas

Two types of people [0:19]

We have begun our free membership workshop which we host one time every year. Thousands of people showed up live during our first broadcast, and it was amazing to watch people get out of their own way, get into action and start creating their membership. One of the interesting parts about this is that right out of the gate, there are two types of people that I noticed. One type are those who are open to the ideas. They’re taking what they’re learning and putting it into practice. What I know from decades of working with thousands of entrepreneurs is that those who are open to the ideas and ask how they could apply them to their business right here, right now get into motion so much faster and begin creating momentum.

Then there’s another type, those who begin overthinking and overanalyzing, they start getting overwhelmed and thinking of all the possible things that they’ve got to have in place. And it begins to keep them stuck. So I want to talk to you about three hacks to create massive momentum with your membership. I hope it gets you out of your own way and gets you in motion to create a whole lot of momentum for yourself and for your business.

You just have to get going [3:08]

The first lesson is that when we want to do something new, like launching a membership site, I want you to remember a quote I heard back in 2004 that became a foundation for me to be able to move forward on so many of my ideas. “You don’t have to get it right. You just have to get it going. “ It’s so powerful, because the essence of it is that you’re going to learn so much more, especially with memberships. You’re going to learn so much more in being in the trenches serving people, rather than trying to plan your way to a perfect membership. And by the way, there is no such thing as a perfect membership site. In all the years I’ve been doing this, there’s not been one membership site that was the same on the day it launched as it was three, six or 12 months later. Why? Because with a membership, once you start working with people, you start to quickly identify where people are getting stuck. You tweak things that don’t make sense, and you start learning so much about your members, how you can best serve them and help them get a result.

Stories first, money second [9:17]

The second hack to creating massive momentum with your membership is stories first, money second. Generating recurring revenue right out of the gate with your membership is amazing. That’s all you want as a business owner, having that stability and recurring revenue. A big driver in why we create memberships is to be able to serve at the highest level, to be creative and to create stability in our business. However, the stories of the people you help are your most powerful marketing asset. By far, these stories are the things that are going to set you up for long-term success. People buy progress and results, they don’t just buy stuff. They want to be able to make progress and get results easier and faster, which is exactly what they’ll do in your membership. In order to be able to convey the results, and the progress that people will make by being part of your membership, we want to attract those who join, then implement and therefore get results so that we can share those stories.

It doesn’t matter how many people you have in your membership. What matters is that you are working with a group of people, to be able to serve them, and to help them make progress in some area of their life. That might be the big wins, but also the little wins. And you know why those little wins are just as important. Because when you’re speaking to your audience and to your market, those are the people that they are going to relate to most. So we’ve got to remember that in the beginning, the focus is not so much on maximizing revenue, the focus is more towards creating stories.

Do more of what works, less of what doesn’t [17:56]

The third hack is a simple, stupid rule. Do more of what works, less of what doesn’t. This is your ticket to long term success, because each time your promotions will get bigger and you’ll gain more momentum. You’ll get better results if you pay attention to what’s working and do more of that, and identify what isn’t working and do less of that. I know this sounds almost too simple. But I can tell you that there are countless numbers of entrepreneurs that I come across, who will do a promotion and then throw all the learning that could be gained from that promotion out the window. Because they don’t do a debrief, they don’t identify the things that were working. So the next time around, they’re basically starting from scratch again. I want to encourage you to really pay attention. After you’ve finished any type of promotion or launch, it’s imperative that you do some type of debrief and go through all of the things that worked and that didn’t.

Last year, for the first time ever we held our workshop live and in person. We had way more people attending with a lot more engagement. And because of that, more people were putting what we were teaching into practice and getting more results than ever. This is what we’re after. Our company obsesses about how we help people make more progress in terms of adding more recurring revenue into their business. So we identified the way in which we did that was way more effective than the way in which we had been doing it every year prior. Which is why we’re doing it live again. We’re taking what we knew worked, and we’re doing more of it.

Whether it’s in your messaging, your promotions, the wording of subject lines and headlines, I want you paying attention, because you have to record it in the moment. And if you do that, the trajectory of your growth will be exponential. Because each promotion, each effort is going to get better and better, it’s going to get more and more effective.

Memorable Quotes

  • You don’t have to get it right. You just have to get it going.” – Mike Litman
  • The stories of the people that you help are your most powerful marketing asset.” – Stu McLaren
  • People don’t buy stuff, they buy progress.” – Stu McLaren
  • I either win or learn.” – Nelson Mandela


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