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My Gift To You

Brief Overview

You are in for a real treat today, because I’m going to be giving you our brand new piece of software! In this episode, I am going to tell you the backstory of how we created it, what it does, and how you can get it for free!

Big Ideas

Where Did the Big Idea Come From?  [1:11]

It was all the way back last summer when we were in Kenya building schools for our non-profit charity called Village Image. One of my friends, who has been a supporter of our charity from day one, Russell Brunson, the CEO and co-founder of ClickFunnels, was there with us. We had tons of time with each other to mastermind and share ideas. But part of my intention when we were out there was to start a discussion with Russell and his team about the potential of collaborating on a bigger membership site project. I knew one of the keys to that happening would be for Russell to get to know my co-founders. If we were going to collaborate on a potential software project, he would need to see the value that my partners also brought to the table.

How Did I Create the Perfect Moment for Collaboration  [4:38]

I started thinking of ways for how to facilitate that, and an idea quickly popped up in my head. We were going on the African Safari, where you are stuck with a group of people  in the same truck for two-and-a-half hours. So I made Andrew, my brother-in-law and partner, jump in the same truck as Russell. Two-and-a-half hours later, Russell came back not being able to hold back his excitement. They had a conversation where Andrew’s background came out, not only in terms of software development and the businesses that he’s created and sold, but also that one of those businesses was very similar to a new idea that Russell had for a piece of software. And Russell realized that the fast path to be able to bring that idea to life was to collaborate instead of trying to reinvent it himself.

We committed and partnered on this new piece of software, and the responsibilities were pretty straightforward. Our team is responsible for the development and Russell’s team is responsible for the marketing. There were all kinds of hurdles and challenges, but the goal was to share this piece of software at Russell’s Funnel Hacking Live event in front of 4,500 entrepreneurs.

The First Step of Delivering a Successful Product Presentation [11:02]

When you’re developing a software, it’s not going to be perfect the first time around, so it was all down to the wire. Many obstacles and challenges later, we got on stage and started delivering the presentation for our brand-new software. Now, I want to give you three quick tips on how to deliver a presentation, especially if you are presenting a new product or a new piece of software, you want to present it in a very particular way that generates a ton of buzz and interest.

Number one, always start first with explaining the problem. The problem that we were looking to solve with this piece of software is that inevitably, as business owners, or as people who are marketing different products and services, one of the things that help us come up with great ideas is being able to create a swipe file. A swipe file is a collection of sales & marketing ideas that are proven to work. The goal is to have all these things so that later, when it’s time to come up with a new idea, you just go back and reference the swipe file. As somebody who’s been in marketing for 15 plus years, I do this all the time. I am constantly saving awesome pieces of marketing that I see in other people and companies delivering. It gives me inspiration, and I start having ideas of what my company could do.

How Does Our Solution Solve the Problem [13:35]

The second tip is that you need to share the solution and how it solves the problem. The problem with saving all this marketing content is that you end up having a folder full of images or screenshots, and there’s no way to search through it. And that’s what our piece of software does. It enables you, as you’re cruising through the web, to save any content you see, whether it’s a Facebook post, a video, a screenshot of something or an entire webpage. You can add tags to the content you save, and the software pulls all the metadata, so it all becomes searchable. It makes your life so much easier!

The next phase of the software incorporates artificial intelligence, like Netflix or Amazon, where as the more you consume the content, the more it learns what you like and starts suggesting other content that might be of interest.

How to Fire Up Your Audience by Building Up the Value of Your Product [15:17]

Finally, we came to delivering the price. We had built up the value so much by showing the solution, and this is where we had a ton of fun. Russell put the price up on the whiteboard and I said, “Oh, come on, Russell. This is your event, man. Let’s give this people a great deal.” So I slashed the price in half, and it was $1,997. Then Russell said, “Dude, this is my event, you can’t show me up like this. I think we should give people an amazing deal.” And people were literally like, “Yes. Yes.” He crossed out the $1,997 price and wrote $197.

You should have heard the gasp in this audience. 4,500 people were ready to run and give us their credit card to sign up for software. And then I said, “$197? Hmm. Let’s do something crazy. Let’s give it to everyone for free.” I ran into the audience shouting, “And you get access and you get access.” They were so fired up, and because they had a clear call to action, we welcomed thousands and thousands of people onto the software with a 120-minute presentation.

And that was the final point. Always remember, number one, always start with the problem. Number two, share the solution and show how it solves the problem and makes people’s lives easier. And number three, have a clear call to action. Tell them exactly where to go and what to do.

Would you like access to the software?

I don’t know when you’re listening to this, but it will not be free forever. If you want access to this software for free now, visit

Memorable Quotes

One of the things I love about being an entrepreneur is being able to create and give.” – Stu McLaren

“Tip number one is always start with the problem. Number two, share the solution and show how it solves the problem and makes people’s lives easier. And number three, have a clear call to action.” – Stu McLaren


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