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So Much On The Line and A Near Disaster

Brief Overview

When you’ve got so much on the line with a big promotion and you face a near disaster, what do you do? I’ll tell you in this episode because it was nearly catastrophic.


We’ve been really gearing up for our signature program, Tribe. This will be our first full scale launch since August 2018, and so we’ve been building it up for quite some time now. Our first piece of the launch was set to release this past Thursday. However, late Wednesday evening (it was actually 1:00 AM) we noticed that there were some very important things not working properly. Our biggest concern was that our opt-in form was broken! It was taking us to a 502 error page. After running some tests and speaking with Infusionsoft support, we found out that it was a global issue.

Keep in mind, that all of our joint venture partners are going to be driving traffic to our site at 10:00 AM. We start getting messages from all of our affiliates who are testing things out and getting the same errors we are. I literally have to send them an email, telling them not to send traffic to the site until further notice. This is the last thing you want to be sending your JV partners!

The morning comes (now 07:30 AM) and things still aren’t working. I don’t know what we should do. We ended up trying a workaround, but in the end that failed as well.

Ten minutes before everything was supposed to start (09:50 AM) everything starts working again. Phew! Crisis averted and it couldn’t have been better timing. Infusionsoft must have been working hard behind the scenes to get things resolved.

Big Ideas

Stress & Panic Mode [07:42]

There was a lot of stress and panic going through my mind. Here’s the big lesson for all of us. You have to keep moving forward. Stuff will go wrong. If you let these challenges get in your way, you’re never ever going to get things out there.

Things Worth Chasing, Don’t Come Easy [08:48]

The challenges you face today are preparing you for the bigger challenges that you’ll face tomorrow. It’s like the Universe is testing you, whether you’re ready or not, for the rewards that are about to come. Things worth chasing in life, don’t come easy. Keep moving forward, keep your head up, keep solving problems.

It Was All Worth It [10:41]

So here’s what’s exciting about all of this. Despite the technical hiccups, our workshop is now being consumed by thousands and thousands of people. Everyone is interacting and engaging and loving the entire series. And that brings me tremendous joy, because people are getting value from it. If you haven’t checked it out, go to We’re featuring all kinds of incredible stories from all sorts of niches – health & fitness, dog training, music, art, calligraphy, photography, religion, non profits, and so many more, so come join us!

Memorable Quotes

The challenges you face today are preparing you for bigger challenges that you’ll face tomorrow.” – Stu McLaren


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