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People Don’t Want More Stuff

Brief Overview

We think people are buying our “stuff”… but that’s not true.  People are buying for a totally different reason. And when you understand this, you’ll attract a LOT more people and your offers will convert a LOT better.

Big Ideas

The Common Mistake You Should Avoid [2:06]

I received a message in our free Facebook group where I am actively answering questions and helping people launch, grow and scale their memberships. The question came in from a gentleman named Kevin, who asked,

What would make you sign up for a group coaching that is not tied with courses or products, just delivering human interaction? I am thinking group coaching subscription, $300 a month, 10 to 20 people max, where everyone gets a one on one call per month and benefits from weekly calls based on the group’s pressing issues, as well as answered questions to the group supporting one another with TRIBE building. To me, the value makes sense, but how do I market it?

In this scenario, Kevin is thinking that the more coaching interaction he provides, the more value he creates. And this is a common mistake that I see all the time with membership site owners. They think the more content they provide, the more value they create in a membership, and it’s just not true. In fact, less is often way more value, because in this day and age, people are getting overwhelmed with the amount of stuff and information. The number one reason why somebody would cancel from a membership site is not because the value is not there, it’s because they’re getting overwhelmed by the volume of content that is being provided.

In my response to Kevin, I told him I don’t think this is a matter of how many sessions or how often. That’s not where the value comes from. The value will come from the transformation and the progress that people will make from the coaching. If you were to ask the people if they would prefer to get the same results in a fraction of the time, they would still do it. That’s why I recommended that he shift his perspective from the components of his offer to the result that people are after.

It’s Not About More Stuff, It’s About Clarity and Convenience [3:49]

Here is the big lesson – it’s not about the stuff. In Kevin’s case, he is talking about the number of coaching sessions, but that’s not what the people are after, that’s not what they’re buying. What they’re buying is a result. They want a result easier and faster, and if you can give them the same result in a fraction of the time, then they will almost always take it.  

I’ve made this mistake many times in my business. As content creators and business owners, we think the more we give, the more value we create. In reality, people don’t want more stuff because they are overloaded by it. There’s so much stuff for free everywhere online, and that’s where people get overwhelmed and confused. People pay for clarity and convenience. They want the clarity of knowing what their next step should be, and the convenience of being able to get it without sifting through millions of web pages and information.

Why Am I So Passionate About Memberships [5:22]

Membership sites are here to stay because people are willing to pay for clarity and convenience. They are willing to pay to be able to get a result easier and faster. It’s the business of helping people get a result.

And this is why I love our TRIBE workshop. Because this is exactly what it’s designed to do – help you get clarity on how to move forward and create more recurring revenue in your business. Go to, register and join us. In part one of the workshop, we’ll help you find out whether the market you’ve chosen is a good fit. In part two, we’ll go into detail about the number one component that every single membership site must contain. And in part three, we’ll talk in detail about the five areas of a successful membership site, and give you a mind map that breaks down each of those areas in granular detail.

Always Put the Emphasis on the Result [8:55]

At the end of the day, people are not paying for stuff. They don’t want stuff, they want a result and they want to get it in the easiest, most convenient way possible. So, when it comes to shaping your offer, don’t put the emphasis on the stuff, put the emphasis on the result that you’re going to help people get. When you do that, you will attract far more people than you ever would by talking about the stuff.

Memorable Quotes

When it comes to shaping your offer, don’t put the emphasis on the stuff, put the emphasis on the result that you’re going to help people get.” – Stu McLaren


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