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Pushed To The Limit

Brief Overview

Well, we did it my friends! The Marketing Forecast Live was a success, but it didn’t come without a few hiccups. In fact, there were some BIG hiccups. I’ll tell you about what happened behind-the-scenes, including the big lessons learned that you can apply to any future launches you plan to run for your own business.

Big Ideas

[00:38] As you may already know, we recently launched The Marketing Forecast Live. This was a virtual event to help raise funds for some of our team members who were drastically impacted by the hurricane disaster in Florida. The goal of the event was to bring together a group of incredibly successful entrepreneurs under one roof to get their insights on two big questions. Number one, what was your most effective marketing strategy over the past 12 months? And number two, what are the big opportunities or trends that you are looking to take advantage of going into the next 12 months? Long story short, we raised $25,000 and provided a ton of value to viewers. But, it didn’t come without some major technical difficulties. In short, we had thousands and thousands of people hitting the page all at once and that caused some serious problems. People couldn’t comment, people couldn’t log in, there were support tickets coming in like crazy. It was nuts. These hiccups forced our team to really rally together to put out the fires, solve problems, and push our systems to the limit.

[11:15] Here’s the takeaway to what our team experienced. You’ve have to put you, your systems and your team under some type of a stress test. When you do these big promotions or launches, everything happens fast and furious. Oftentimes it doesn’t give you a chance to re-calibrate or identify and fix problems. And so, if you don’t put your team under some type of a stress test, you’ll never identify these problems until it’s too late. So, the big thing that I’m very grateful for is that this gave us an opportunity to learn and we learned a ton in terms of how to really dial in our processes as we get closer and closer to our big launch which is March 15. So, before a big promotion, try things on a smaller scale first and just test things out because I think it can really, really add tremendous value when you do get to your big promotions. If you have those things dialed in, now you’re operating on and firing on all cylinders!  


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Quote to Remember

There’s a lot of value for you and I to put ourselves under a stress test before we really need the stress.” – Stu McLaren

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