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The Reason Your Offer Isn’t Converting

Brief Overview

If you’re not getting the results you want, or people who have expressed interest are not converting into buyers, it’s likely a messaging problem. I see people trying to serve a much bigger audience with their message than they really should. In this episode, I’ll tell you how to fix that and why it’s important to have a specific messaging in your marketing.

Big Ideas

Don’t Try to Serve Too Many People [0:56]

I have a consulting client coming to Toronto two days from now and I identified a specific problem in her pre-questionnaire. This particular person is trying to serve way too broad of an audience, and if she were to narrow the focus on who she serves and how she solves their problem, everything would take off like a rocket.

I was making the same mistake myself. I wanted to help all entrepreneurs make a lot more money but because the message was too broad, the solution was just as broad. Everything that I was saying and doing was getting swallowed up in the noise of everything else. Nothing stood out and nothing broke through.

Breaking Through the Resistance [02:08]

My good friend and mentor Mr. Reid Tracy once told me that I should just teach everything I know about membership sites because that’s what I am best at, but I was resistant. I didn’t want to be the membership guy because I felt like I had so much more to share.

Reid put out a very generous bribe and offer with a huge donation to our charity, which convinced me that I should give it a try. As soon as I narrowed my focus to helping people generate recurring revenue through membership sites, word started to spread and momentum started to pick up. My workshops were filling up, which ultimately led to Tribe being a huge success. My marketing was so much easier, and converting into sales was almost effortless.

Narrow Your Focus [04:11]

In the beginning, when you narrow in your focus, it’s way easier to attract people and convert them into sales. And once they’re in your world, you can open them up to everything else that you have to offer, and that’s exactly what I do. Do I only talk about membership sites to our clients and customers? No. I talk about a lot of other things in terms of marketing, business and even personal development. Those people would likely never be in my world had it not been for that narrow focus on the front end.

I want you to remember that you want to become known for something specific. So much so that if somebody were to hear what you do and were later at a party where they heard somebody who had the exact problem that you solve, they’d be able to instantly think of you.

3 Questions to Answer that Help Increase Your Conversions [06:36]

To get specific and start converting your interest, you have to answer three questions:

  1. Who specifically do you serve?
  2. What problem do you solve?
  3. How do you help?

People have a problem and they want it solved, that’s why they buy products. What you do and how you solve their problem should be specific in your messaging. For example, my friend Susan Garrett is a world champion at dog agility and she helps other dog agility competitors. If I were to write her thing up, I would say “I help dog agility competitors get faster results with my Say Yes methodology.” Another example is my friend Rachel Miller, whose background is in growing massive audience on Facebook pages. She says “I help online business owners grow their Facebook audiences fast with my Moolah Method.” And here’s an example of how I would frame mine, “I help business owners generate recurring revenue with their existing knowledge and audience through my Tribe experience.” You can answer those three questions in a nice tight sentence and that would begin to frame up for people.

The You Know Method [10:35]

Another way I do it is by using the You Know method. “You know the stress that comes from having to find new customers every month?” “Yes.” “I eliminate that stress for business owners by helping them generate more recurring revenue in their business.” The natural follow-up is going to be like,  “How do you do that?” “I do that through our Tribe experience.” Do you see how one links to the other?

This method is still framed up around who you serve, what problem you solve, and how you help. And the more specific you are, the easier it is for people to spread the word. Your marketing becomes easier, your messaging lands and you start experiencing higher conversion rates.

Memorable Quotes

When you narrow in your focus, it’s way easier to attract people and convert them into sales. Once they’re in your world, you can open them up to everything else that you have to offer.” – Stu McLaren

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