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$2.4 Million Dollars of NEW Recurring Revenue

Last year we missed a HUGE opportunity and we weren’t going to let that happen again. The plan worked, generating $2.4M in recurring revenue. I’m going to tell you what happened in this episode.


Big Ideas

Stack the Momentum [04:00]

Oftentimes I see entrepreneurs who will do some sort of a promotion, but then they shift gears and do something totally different, and the momentum doesn’t carry forward from one promotion to another.

This was something our company was very mindful of this year as we launched our signature course. We had a big build up for our TRIBE launch and ended up welcoming 4,000+ people into our TRIBE experience. That’s a lot of momentum! We then carried that momentum forward into promoting our paid membership business. This worked pretty seamlessly, as the experience was something that the vast majority of people wanted.

So, when you’re mapping out your year, and you’re looking at your promotions, one of the things that I want to encourage you to do is to look at the promotions, and build them in a way that allows you to carry forward the momentum from one right into the other.

Deliver One Thing at a Time [06:40]

When you are delivering a product, service, course, or whatever it may be, focus on delivering one thing at a time. Don’t get caught up in the fact that you may have another promotion coming up, and feel the need to start selling right away. The key to really carrying forward the momentum from one promotion to the other is to deliver on one thing at a time. Focus on helping your clients and customers get results. It’s those results that are going to lead to high conversions for whatever you offer next.

If we didn’t get people results in TRIBE, if we didn’t have all the success that we did with people coming through that program, then it wouldn’t naturally lead to people wanting to join us for the membership, but it did. And so that’s why I want to encourage you to focus on delivering one thing at a time.

If you do a promotion for one product, knowing that you’re going to do a promotion for a second product afterwards, first focus on really delivering on that first product experience. This way, people are naturally going to want to work with you again and again. If you deliver, they will want to work with you. If you don’t, you’re going to struggle, because they had a bad experience. So, focus on creating an amazing experience, help people get results, and deliver one thing at a time.

Leverage the Momentum [08:15]

The third takeaway is to leverage the momentum. So here’s how we did this. At the end of our signature course, we held our closing ceremony. This is where we celebrated the success that all of our TRIBErs experienced during the 10 weeks of the program. We had 80 plus slides, showcasing all of the incredible results and progress that people made. While it was phenomenal to see all the transformation that people experienced in such a short period of time, it also foreshadowed what was possible. People were seeing all those incredible results and realizing everything that they accomplished in only 10 weeks. They started to imagine what would be possible if they were in that environment all year long.

That’s the conversation that can only happen because we had delivered on the first program which was TRIBE. So for us, selling the membership was easy, because it was a natural extension of the experience that they already had.

So the TRIBE membership launch was a huge success. More than 2000 plus members joined which is about $2.4 million for the business over the year. This all happened as the result of one promotion, which was possible because we were intentional about stacking the momentum, we focused on one delivering one thing at a time, and then we leveraged the momentum in the promotion.

Memorable Quote

Focus on helping your clients and customers get results. It’s those results that are going to lead to high conversions for whatever you offer next.” – Stu McLaren


MYB 177 – TRIBE Launch Debrief

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