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New Research Study Reveals AMAZING Insights

I just came across some exciting new research that validates why certain people have been getting INCREDIBLE results lately.  In this episode I break it all down.

Big Ideas

The Survey Insights [0:58] 

This was a survey/research study sent out to 2,000 respondents who had been quarantined, commissioned by Lottoland. They were looking to see what people’s feelings were, what they were thinking about, and how they were looking to use this time of being quarantined. Of all of the respondents, 60% said that they are planning on or have already started to self-improve themselves and/or develop a new skill. Things that people were looking to do was to master a new instrument, learn to paint or write, take up yoga, learn how to garden or learn some new skill like coding, or running a business. They  were all looking to learn something new during this time. 

80% of the people also said that they were determined to find some silver linings to their days spent inside. 69% of them said that they want to leave the quarantine with a new skill. And 57% are looking forward to partaking in activities that they would never normally have time for. These are important statistics for everyone who is in the business of teaching people or helping them improve their life. This is important information because it means that people want to be productive during this time. They don’t want to sit idle and let it fly by. They want to come out on the other side of this a better human being than when they went into it. 

The survey goes on. 40% of the people surveyed said they will be a better person once the whole coronavirus is in the past, and 60% of them are also encouraging their children to learn new skills and improve themselves during this downtime. So, it’s not just them wanting to improve themselves, but they’re also looking to extend that gift of time to their kids. 

The TRIBErs Are Booming [3:33]

There has never been more people spending time online than right now. People need what you have and they want what you have. Now is the time to get it out there. This research study validates what we are seeing in our TRIBE community. We’re seeing businesses of all kinds that are thriving right now. Even this morning, I’ve got new stories that came from people in our TRIBE community who are seeing a boom during this time, like Kasey Hope. Kasey sent me a private message saying how grateful she was that she had her online calligraphy membership, because it’s helped bridge this period of time because she also has a brick-and-mortar art studio that she had to close. She launched a brand new art membership for kids because she recognized that there are millions of parents at home right now who have no idea what to do with their kids. Kasey just posted in our community saying she welcomed over 300 new members into that membership. 

Now Is YOUR Time [8:30]

The research validates what we are seeing in the market right now. People want to use this time to better themselves and develop a new skill. So, if you’ve got expertise, if you’ve got experience, and if you’ve got things that you have learned, I want you to start putting it out there. You just don’t know who is out there waiting for what you have. People want to learn, they’re engaging and consuming more because they want to use this time. Will you use this time to further your business? Will you use this time to get that offer in front of your audience? Will you use this time to help those people who want what you have? 

Free TRIBE Workshop [10:32]

But there’s another side of the story. As a business owner, I want you to come out the other side of this better than when you went into it. If launching or growing a membership site is something that you have been thinking about, or perhaps you have a membership site and you want to take it to the next level, mark down April 23 on your calendar. This is when we’re going to be hosting a free workshop that I’m going to be teaching live. You can sign up for the workshop for free by going to There’s going to be three parts. First part, I’m going to be talking about how you can identify whether your market is going to be a right fit for a membership site and help you get clarity around what type of membership site would be right for your business. Part two, I’m going to be talking about what you should actually provide inside of a membership. And part three, I’m going to talk about what goes into a successful membership site, specifically the five key areas starting with your foundation strategy, then your content strategy, then your marketing strategy, then your retention strategy, and then your growth strategy.

Memorable Quote

“There has never been more people spending time online than right now. People need and want what you have. Now is the time to get it out there.Stu McLaren


Kasey Hope –

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