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He Handed Me A Check for $133K

Brief Overview

My wife and I were on stage in front of 3,000 people and the host of the event handed me a check for $133,000. My mind was blown. The details are in this episode.

Big Ideas

Russell Brunson Presented Me with a Check for $133,000 [00:36]

Russell Brunson and his business partner Todd had just presented our charity with a check for $133,000 at this year’s Funnel Hacking Live event. It’s kind of mind-blowing when you see this dollar amount on a check and you start to think about what kind of an impact that’s going to have. Sometimes I have to just take a step back and appreciate what’s happening.

Russell and the whole ClickFunnels team, right from the get-go when they launched their company, decided to intentionally weave contribution into their entire business model. So, while ClickFunnels is obviously a phenomenal service that helps people get their online sales funnels up and running, they’ve also committed to donating $1 to our charity (World Teacher Aid), for every funnel that gets launched and goes live with 100 or more visitors to that funnel.

So, every single year that number just continues to go up and up and up. In the last year, over 133,000 funnels were launched and whether people realized it or not, the company behind it was contributing on their behalf to World Teacher Aid.

Massive Impact with Marketing [02:36]

This is why I love marketing. It’s the ultimate source of leverage to be able to have massive impact. It enables you to mobilize people into action. It enables you to persuade people to buy your stuff, but it also enables you to persuade people to give to a great cause.

The Ripple Effect of a Great Marketing Idea [04:36]

When it comes to marketing, great ideas can be used, not just once, but over and over again. And when you start to think about that, you start to realize what’s happening. The ripple effect of one great marketing idea, not only for what it’s producing in the moment, but what it can produce again and again and again. And this is why I love membership sites,  because one great idea can not only have an impact on month one, but it could have a residual impact every month thereafter.

And so, the value of a great idea, especially a great marketing idea, grows exponentially. This is why I love investing in myself as it relates to expanding my marketing knowledge and wisdom. And this is why you should love investing in you too, because the more money you make, the more impact you can have.

Seeing Your Revenue as an Opportunity [05:30]

When you are able to generate revenue and money on demand because you have a great marketing mind, because you have a great marketing strategy, because you execute on marketing ideas, you’re never going to be at a shortage for being able to generate revenue. And that creates an opportunity for you to then take that revenue and be able to use it in a variety of different ways. Yes, you use it to grow your business, absolutely. But, you could also use it to give to amazing causes that you’re passionate about, to make massive change in areas that you want to change, to invest in people that you want to invest in.

And so, I’m just ridiculously grateful. I’m grateful for Russell and for our friendship. I’m grateful for Todd and his huge heart. I’m grateful for the entire ClickFunnels team. And of course, I’m very grateful for the ClickFunnels community. THANK YOU!

Memorable Quote

I love business because there are no limits.” – Stu McLaren


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