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The Sky is NOT Falling

The sky is NOT falling and despite what people may think, launches are still thriving… and I’m going to prove it to you in this episode.

Big Ideas

Don’t Fall Victim To Generalizations [2:32]

Recently, I was in a conversation with some people who I have a tremendous amount of respect for, who were painting a picture of doom and gloom, like the sky is falling when it comes to launches. And I was thinking how that’s not at all what I’m experiencing with launches. And I want to give you evidence that this is not what’s actually happening for everybody, and to create a warning that we cannot fall victim to big generalizations in both a positive and a negative direction. When I was participating in this conversation, I could feel my inside flipping over because the conversation was leaning toward a doom and gloom scenario of the fact that online launches are not working anymore and that we’ve got to change the way we do everything in order to continue to grow our businesses.

Proof That Launches Still Work [4:00]

There were three people in my Impact Mastermind community who organized big launches for their business recently. And not only did they pass last year’s results, but they doubled or tripled their multi-million dollar launches. What’s more, all three of these people were in overlapping markets. You might say, “How’s that possible? This is my pie, if somebody else is launching at the same time and they’re in the same market, I’m going to get less pie.” And it’s not the case. You, me, all of us, we’re baking pies. If you want more pies, we just bake more pies. We’re in this world of possibility, it’s not this doom and gloom scenario of somebody getting a slice of your pie.

Focus On The Fundamentals [6:54]

I’m sharing this with you to emphasize what’s possible. The sky is not falling, and I’m going to help you stay focused because there are a few things that we can do to ensure that we grow year over year. Starting with number one, focusing on the fundamentals. The fundamentals are traffic, conversion, and for those of us in membership and subscription, retention. Don’t get distracted by all the latest whiz-bang gadgets, doohickeys, tactics, and strategies.

Double Down On What Works [8:45]

Point number two when you are looking at your launches, is to go back and double down on what works, and minimize what doesn’t. A lot of entrepreneurs are making a mistake of changing absolutely everything when something doesn’t work one time. Or if things are working, they don’t change anything. Not changing anything is a mistake because it means you’re not innovating. But on the flip side, if one thing doesn’t work, it doesn’t mean you throw everything out the door.

Every time that you start new and fresh, you’re starting from scratch and throwing away all of the learning that happened in the previous launch. You should use as many assets from your previous launch as possible. When you use what works from before, you create more bandwidth for you to be able to innovate in other areas. And I’m not suggesting you innovate on everything, but I’m suggesting to innovate on one to three things each year. Try different things and experiment, because that’s how we learn, grow and continuously get better results.

Protect Your Confidence [11:03]

Lastly, surround yourself with positive growing people. The reason this is so important is because we have to protect our confidence. If we lose our confidence in what it is that we’re doing, everything else is going to start feeling the effects of that. If you’re surrounded by people who are fearful and scared, you are going to become fearful and scared too, and you are going to start hesitating. You are not going to be as confident and your audience is going to pick up on that. And who wants to buy from somebody who isn’t confident in what it is they’re offering?

How To Ensure You Keep Growing [15:25]

I want you to go back and look at your last promotion or launch, ask yourself what worked, make notes of those things and do more of them. Make note of what didn’t work, and do less of those things. Or number three, look for one to three ways that you could innovate. Maybe you can experiment and try something new in that area where things didn’t work? But don’t throw everything out the door and lose sight of what did work and all the learning that you gained from that previous promotion or previous launch. And lastly, take inventory of who is speaking into your life, whether it be through podcasts, books, videos, a mastermind or a coaching program. You need people who are speaking into your life with positivity, focus and confidence.

Memorable Quote

It is so important that you and I protect our confidence and one of the big ways that you do that is you surround yourself with positive growing people” – Stu McLaren


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