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Can a Smaller Audience Be An Advantage?

Can having a smaller audience actually be an advantage? You bet! And in this episode, I’ll tell you why along with examples of people crushing it with tiny followings.

Big Ideas

Bigger Doesn’t Mean Better [0:46]

Typically, most people think the bigger the audience, the more success they will experience. But here’s the truth of the matter… Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better. We have so many examples of people in our TRIBE Community who are thriving, despite the fact that they only have a tiny audience. For example, Wendy Batten, who had a tiny audience of 354 paint store retailers. When she went to launch her membership site, she ended up welcoming 52 members and generating $2,800 a month.

Another good example is Marianne Kane, she didn’t have a big audience either. It was around 250 people, but her founding member launch ended up welcoming 53 members in her launch. So, I’m sharing this with you because bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better. There’s actually an advantage that you have with a smaller audience.

Intimacy [2:11]

So what is that advantage? Number one, intimacy. You can create intimacy in a greater way than somebody who has a bigger audience ever could. You can do all kinds of things with a smaller group and get to know them on a much deeper, more intimate level than anybody with a big audience can do.

They just can’t do the certain things that you can at scale and it gives you an advantage to know those people better than they know themselves. All of which is going to lead to higher conversions because when you can know those people better than they know themselves, you know what they’re thinking, feeling or doing, and you can support them in making progress with the challenges or skills that they want to learn.

Personalization [3:02]

Number two is personalization. You can personalize your responses, your marketing, your approach to each person. People with a bigger audience can’t do that. If they had an audience of 100,000 people, there’s no way they can personalize the experience to each individual person. But when you have an audience of just a few hundred people, you absolutely can. And that is going to lead to higher conversions.

Follow Up [3:32]

And number three, follow-up. When you have a smaller audience, you can follow up in all kinds of creative ways that people with big audiences can’t do. You can send personal voice or video messages. You can text people directly and communicate with them in a way that people with a big audience can’t do at scale. So, use that to your advantage. Invite people to send you direct messages, correspond with you and get creative. When you have a smaller audience and start building a deeper, more intimate relationship with that audience, your conversions are going to be way higher.

Let me give you an example of Heidi Duda. Heidi didn’t have a massive audience, she only had 70 clients that she was serving, and she wanted to start a membership site. So, she rolled out her membership site to those 70 clients, and 25 of them actually became paying members. She then rolled it out to the rest of her audience, which was just under 1,000 people, and another 46 in total ended up joining her membership. Can you imagine 46 members right out of the gate from a tiny audience?

Another great example of this is a woman by the name of Faye Cornhill. She had an audience of 77 people, and she did her founding member launch to those 77 people. These are creative business owners, and she had 10 who joined her at £500 per person. That immediately generated £5,000. They paid for a lifetime access for this membership, and those £5,000 created momentum for her to then begin building the membership and launch it to the rest of the audience.

Use a Smaller Audience to Your Advantage [8:40]

With a smaller audience, use your advantage to be able to create that intimacy, that personalization, and to be able to follow up in creative ways that people with bigger audiences can’t. You will experience higher conversions with a smaller audience. And when you do a launch, like so many of the stories that I’ve been sharing, it creates momentum for you. There is nothing that is more powerful for you as an entrepreneur than to have that momentum on your side. It creates confidence for you to keep moving forward. And you just never know where that is going to lead to.

Memorable Quote

Conversions are way higher when you have a smaller audience.” – Stu Mclaren

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