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Build Yourself a Snowball of Social Proof

What significantly contributes to sales and doesn’t cost you a thing? I’ll tell you in this episode.

Big Ideas

Stories Contribute To Sales [1:07]

Recently, I was working with our copy team and we were talking about email copy for an upcoming campaign. And one of the things that I love weaving into any type of copy is social proof, specifically about ‘how’ whatever it is that you’re offering is working for other people. I was expressing this to our copy team, and I said that in the emails, I don’t just want one little story, I want an abundance of stories because I want my audience to feel that the results of the offer we are making is a truth and not an exception. And the way you do that is by piling up story after story of people who have gotten results. The key is that you want different types of stories. I think of this in three buckets…

Show Different Stages Of Progress [2:37]

Bucket number one are people who are at different stages of progress. You want stories of people who are in the early stages of doing, learning or implementing whatever it is that you’re offering. And then you also want stories of people who are further down the path. You can see how the messaging is going to be different with the stories that you use based on the type of stage they’re at in their journey.

Show Different Types Of People [3:40]

The second bucket are stories of different types of people. You want stories of people who live in different countries, because then it becomes an abundance of social proof. It becomes a truth that it doesn’t matter where you live. Stories of people living in different locations, stories of people with kids or with no kids, stories of people who are male or female, young, old experienced or not.

When you’re collecting stories, I want you to be very mindful of not just collecting one particular type of story where the person is essentially the exact same profile of a person day in and day out. You want variety. The more variety you have, the better.

Show People Experiencing Different Types Of Challenges [4:50]

The last bucket are stories of people experiencing different types of challenges, A.K.A. the most common objections you face. One of the most powerful things you can do ahead of time is to make a list of the top objections that you typically face when people are considering buying your product, program or service. Then collect stories of people who were experiencing the same types of challenges. They could be stories of people who didn’t have any money, or didn’t have any experience, or of those who had tried something similar before and it didn’t work for them. This is all about creating copy or speaking to these stories in such a way that the result of what you offer is a truth, not an exception. And the way that you make it a truth in the mind of your market is by providing them with an abundance of social proof. The more objections you overcome, the more friction you eliminate, and sales happen inevitably because you have an abundance of proof that shows.

Memorable Quotes

“The more stories you share, the more objections you overcome. And the more objections you overcome, the more friction you eliminate. It becomes inevitable that sales will happen because you have an abundance of proof. – Stu McLaren


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