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Completely Embarrassed

I’ve been stuck and people started to notice. It became embarrassing. So I’m doing something about it. If you’ve ever been stuck yourself, listen to this episode.

Big Ideas

What Has Kept Me Stuck for Over 100 Days [1:07]

You may or may not have noticed, but I haven’t published a new episode of the Marketing Your Business Podcast for over 100 days. And the embarrassment has started to ramp up. It’s embarrassing because I love this podcast. I love sharing and teaching what I know about marketing. And every single day, I see lessons that I want to share with you about good practices, awesome strategies, ideas and tactics that are going to help you grow your business. And there’s nothing more that I love than helping you grow your business. 

But what has kept me stuck? It really boiled down to a couple of things. One is that when I am in promotion mode, I am all-in on promotion mode. But when I’m in delivery mode on a course or a program, I am all-in on delivery mode. We had our TRIBE launch, which was by far our most successful launch by a landslide, and as soon as that was over, all my focus and energy went into delivery mode. Everything I had went into serving the people that joined us for the TRIBE experience, and everything else fell by the wayside. I was telling myself that I can kick back into the regular habit of recording the podcast as soon as I finish the TRIBE experience. Then the same thing happened when we came to the end of the TRIBE experience, and my focus immediately shifted to TRIBE Live, our annual event. 

How long was I going to keep punting this before I just sit down and start recording? Little by little, the pressure started to mount. People started reaching out and asking me whether I’m still doing the Marketing Your Business Podcast. And I started to feel the embarrassment. Until I finally got sick and tired of hearing myself make excuses. 

The Moment of Truth [4:40]

It really hit me right between the eyes at our TRIBE Live event. One of my best and dearest friends Amy Porterfield was speaking at the event about the importance of what you do in between promotions that really creates the connection with your audience. She said that her podcast, Online Marketing Made Easy, has helped her grow her audience significantly. But only because she’s been consistent was she was able to create a rhythm with her audience. 

After listening to Amy, I realized that I have to get back on this horse. Excuses started to kick in, but finally, I made a post where I explained how I felt embarrassed by the fact that hundreds of days have gone by and I haven’t recorded an episode, and put it into my amazing Connect Community.

How to Get Unstuck and Move Forward [6:46]

If you’ve ever been stuck on anything that you know you need to move forward on, I’m going to give you three tips that have helped me get over the hump and get this episode out to you. 

Number one, share where you’re stuck and ask for help. That’s exactly what I did with our Connect Community. We had all kinds of connectors, and I gave them full permission to say whatever they think I need to hear to get me back on track. 

To my surprise, they used the advice that I give them right back at me. Like a quote from one of my friends, Mike Litman, who said “You don’t have to get it right. You just have to get it going.” Cody Birchsaid shared how his wife and three sons gather around his phone as he opens the podcast app to check if today might be the day that Stu releases a new episode. Diana Tower suggested that I record an episode about how I haven’t recorded episodes. Michelle Lloyd said she’s been listening to the Marketing Your Business Podcast when she’s working out, and since I haven’t published any new episodes, she is not working out anymore. Blake Fly made a picture on a whiteboard and said he’s hosting a listening party to play the first new episode of the Marketing Your Business Podcast, and gave a date and a specific time. There were so many great comments, so much great support that I realized that I havev to get down and do this. Because it’s much more than just me getting hung up on my own stuff.

Get Rid of Excuses and Get Focused [12:10]

Number two is commit to taking that first next step. That’s what I did right here, right now. I got over the excuse that I was holding on to, which was that my microphone wasn’t working, or that I didn’t have enough time. But I committed to myself that I would get an episode out this week. 

That leads to number three – get focused on what is your next step. I knew that this whole microphone issue was something that I was holding onto as an excuse. So my next step was to eliminate that excuse and get a new microphone. It was being delivered to my house by the time I got home, so there were no excuses left anymore. 

Create the Momentum [13:15]

What is your next step to getting over the hump? Sometimes, it doesn’t have to be a big gigantic step. It could be the tiniest of steps. But that tiny step is what creates momentum. Now that I’ve recorded this episode, I’m fired up, and I want to record more. 

Whatever that is, or whatever you’re stuck on, I want you to get clear and take action on it today. Because when you do, you’re going to create momentum for yourself and that momentum is going to carry you to the next step. And before you know it, you are going to be well on your way.

We All Get Stuck [17:34]

Lastly, don’t ever be embarrassed by the fact that you’re stuck. We all get stuck. At the end of the day, it’s about acknowledging where you are versus where you want to be, and surrounding yourself with the people, ideas and strategies that are going to move you forward. That’s what I have done. I’ve been held accountable. Thank you to our Connect Community and look out world, because here we go. So many more episodes coming your way.

Memorable Quote

Don’t ever be embarrassed by the fact that you’re stuck. At the end of the day, it’s about acknowledging where you are versus where you want to be, and surrounding yourself with the people, ideas and strategies that are going to move you forward.” – Stu McLaren


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