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Oh My Goodness… Where Did Those Months Go?

Brief Overview

In this episode, I’m all fired up and ready to bring you up to speed on what’s been going on, why there’s so much momentum in TRIBE, and the number one factor contributing to that momentum. I also talk about the meaning of relationships and how to develop and nurture them in order to create long-term business success.

Big Ideas

The Fundraising

For the last two months, there’s been a lot of awesomeness happening. We’ve had a number of fundraising events, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for the Village Impact charity. I am tremendously grateful for the people we have in our lives and for the incredible work that we’re able to do.

I want to give a huge shout out to James Wedmore and his Business by Design audience because they raised over $100,000 for our nonprofit. I also want to thank Chelsea and James who wrote a check out of their pocket for over $50,000 dollars, Russell Brunson for being one of our top donors, raising over $130,000 and to Dean’s event raising another $100,000.

Expanding the Family 

Lately, we’ve been in growth mode, building and expanding our team. With the big launch coming on April 25th, this time of year is like our company’s version of the Super Bowl. And this year, we have more momentum and more JV support coming into this launch than ever before.  

People are excited about it because when they come into TRIBE, they get results. And that’s exactly what our new podcast It’s A TRIBE Thing is all about. It’s a podcast where every single week we’re sharing a story of people who are launching, growing, and scaling their membership sites in all kinds of different markets. We also talk about the challenges of feeling like an imposter and how to overcome that. We’ve had incredible support for the show so far, climbing up the charts on iTunes and being featured in the New and Noteworthy section. If you haven’t heard it yet, definitely go check it out! 

Leaders as a Force to Manage the Big Momentum 

With all this momentum building up in the business, we had to take a step back and look at whether we will be ready to handle all that’s coming our way. We decided to reach out to a number of experts to help us get there easier and faster. The advice we got was spot on – turns out one of the gaps in our business was that we didn’t have enough people in leadership positions to help filter incoming requests and demands.

Myself and three other co-founders were becoming a bottleneck of the business because if we weren’t there to make a decision, things got held up. To remove that block, we started hiring some incredible people, like our community director Shanna, content director Rick, marketing director Brie and operations manager Tanya.

Why Are We Experiencing So Much Momentum? 

I realized that the first reason we’re experiencing so much momentum is because we have been spending decades nurturing and building relationships. We didn’t have the problem of raising money for our charity like most nonprofits do because we have so many incredible relationships with people who keep showing up and helping us. Even the excitement about our business and every new launch comes from the relationships we have with our clients and customers. We have more people wanting to get on board and share TRIBE with their audience than ever before and I’m incredibly grateful for it.

Three Keys to Creating and Developing Rewarding Relationships

Solid relationships don’t just happen! There are three keys to creating and developing lifelong relationships that serve you and the people you’re serving.

  • Go deep with a few. Don’t try to be everything to everyone because then you’ll end up being nothing to no one. The depth of relationship means that you want to show up for each other, so when one has a need, a promotion, or is launching a new book, we will want to show up because we want the best for those people.
  • Play the long game. One of the most frustrating things for me is when potential JV partners reach out to us and say they’d love to promote TRIBE if we agree to promote their program. I am not interested in being on the hook for some product that may not even be a fit for my audience. I am interested in developing a relationship and going deep. When you play the long game, you’re not interested in what you’re going to get from that immediate transaction. You invest in people and show up for them.
  • Serve first, ask second. The first time we ever launched TRIBE, it was decades of relationships built with people whom I went to, told them about our new product, and asked for support. And people showed up, because my request came after years of being there, serving, helping and showing up for others. People will want to show up for you because they believe in you and because they have so much gratitude for you.

Relationships as Key to a Long-term Success

The way you and I succeed long-term is almost always through relationships. This business is not a one person show. We all need other people in our lives, whether it’s our team, vendors, or most importantly, our audience. We all need relationships if we want our businesses to strive, and because of that, we have to be intentional about the way we nurture those relationships.

Memorable Quotes

Don’t try to be everything to everyone because then you’ll end up being nothing to no one.” – Stu McLaren

“The way you and I succeed long-term is almost always through relationships.” – Stu McLaren


It’s A TRIBE Thing

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