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The Long-Term Investment

Brief Overview

In business, there’s ONE thing that’s at the heart of all long-term success. Knowing this makes your marketing easy and effortless. Do you want to know what it is? I’m going to tell you in this episode.

Big Ideas

[07:30] Relationships in business are critical. Whether it’s relationships with colleagues, customers, or the people you serve, it doesn’t matter. Relationships are what matters and you’ve got to be intentional about cultivating those relationships.

[04:50] One of the things I love about attending events is getting the chance to connect with our customers live and in-person. There’s just so much value from being able to connect with people in this way. I freaking love our customers! I love hanging out with our customers, I love talking to our customers, I love taking pictures with our customers, I love eating lunch and dinner with our customers. To me, it’s all about the connection.

[11:07] Conferences are good to connect with groups of people, but when you want to go deep in a relationship, it’s better if you find a way to connect outside of a conference where it’s just one-on-one. And so, that’s exactly what we’re doing. We’re literally going to be flying out to visit with our friends in business to just hang out and spend time with them.

[11:55] One of the other things that we are going to be doing is a lot more meetups with our customers. It’s not always about trying to sell but it’s about connecting. And through that connection comes trust and that trust then sets the stage for whatever you have to offer next because your customers know you’ll have their best interest at heart.

Quote to Remember

The relationships you form now may not produce a direct ROI, but over the long-term, it is the best investment you can ever make in your business.” – Stu McLaren


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