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The Perfect Marketing Plan

Brief Overview

If you’re aren’t getting the results that you want from your marketing, it is likely because you’re trying to do too much. This results in burning out your team and burning out your audience. What’s even worse, is that you don’t have time to really invest yourself creatively and make everything that you do with your marketing world class. In this episode, Stu shows you how he breaks his marketing plan down into two types of promotions. There’s the A-level promotion and the B-level Promotion. Apply these to your own business to maximize your marketing efforts and minimize stress on your team and audience.

Big Ideas

[01:20] The A-level promotions are your big promotions. This is where everyone from your team has their sleeves rolled up and is 100% committed and focused on this one particular promotion. There is usually multiple phases and a variety of different marketing components to this promotion (E.g. video series, webinars, facebook ads, list builders, email marketing campaigns, etc.). These are massive promotions that are designed to bring in a lot of new customers or prospects in a very short period of time.

[02:10] The B-level promotions are a lot smaller. (E.g. one-off products, small evergreen promo, etc.). For B-level promotions, you may post a few things via social media, send out a few emails, or maybe even do a webinar at a maximum. Basically, these promotions are way more low-key.

[02:50] So what’s the perfect balance? How many of each should you have throughout the year? Stu believes the perfect mix is four A-level promotions per year and a maximum of eight B-level promotions. Basically, one major promotion per quarter. As an example, a speaker, author, or influencer, may do two promotions per year for their membership, one promotion per year for a signature course, and perhaps one major promotion for a book that they’ve written. Then, you sprinkle in the B-level promotions throughout the rest of the year.

[04:23] When you are designing your year and you’re creating your perfect marketing plan, what you want to make sure is that you put your A-level promotions in first. They get top priority and then everything else works around that.

Quotes to Remember

If you’re not getting the results that you want from your marketing, it is likely because you’re trying to do too much” – Stu McLaren

A confused mind never buys” – Stu McLaren

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