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The Ultimate Resource for Marketing Ideas

Brief Overview

Coming up with new ideas out of the blue is tough! But it doesn’t have to be. Today, Stu shares the ultimate resource for generating a ton of great marketing ideas.

Big Ideas

[02:00] When you’re coming up with different ideas, you need to feed your brain with 2 types of stimuli.

Related Sources of Stimuli — material, ideas, insights and information that are related to your market or to the market that you’re serving. (E.g. magazines, websites, blog posts, conferences, podcasts, etc.)

Unrelated Sources of Stimuli — These would be completely random things, like if you had an orange, a soccer shoe, and a microphone in front of you and you had to somehow incorporate those things into whatever new product ideas that you were thinking of. Unrelated sources of stimuli force your brain to try to make a connection that it normally otherwise never would. That’s where big breakthrough ideas come from.

[05:30] A swipe file is like a library of different marketing ideas that other people have previously had success with. This could be things like online sales letters, Facebook ads, e-mails, even subject lines that grab your attention. When you’re creating new marketing campaigns and new promotions the last thing you want to be doing is trying to squeeze new ideas out of your brain. Instead of just starting from scratch we can pull inspiration from outside views and other materials.

[07:00] The ultimate resource Stu shares is a website that has a ton of ideas that you can pull from when it comes to marketing. There’s a huge library of material that’s related to specific markets. You can even search the site in a way that allows you to find material by the type (E.g. calls-to-action, content ads, error pages, guarantees, headlines, webinars, testimonials, case studies, upsells, etc.). This is an awesome resource for all marketers and entrepreneurs. The website is

Quotes to Remember

I don’t know about you, but I am always on the hunt for great resources that are going to help me generate a lot more ideas. That’s why I read books. That’s why I listen to podcasts. That’s why I watch videos. That’s why I attend conferences and seminars. Because at the end of the day, you and I, our success is dependent on the ideas that we’re able to produce.” – Stu McLaren

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