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TRIBE Launch Debrief – What Happened and What Worked?

I was nervous and anxious because we do this launch one time each year. And this year it was happening in the thick of the COVID pandemic. Listen to this episode to find out what happened.

Big Ideas

TRIBE Experience promotion during COVID [0:52]

As you may know, we recently finished our TRIBE Experience promotion. We had filmed all of the new courses, re-filmed the entire program and the launch videos that we have typically used in the past. We had a ton of momentum, and then this whole COVID thing happened. And personally, I was a little concerned. I was thinking, what’s going to happen? Does this mean we still move forward with the promotion? Do we still use the same timeline?

Ultimately, we ended up just keeping everything as is. However, we did make some changes and I’m going to get into that but the bottom line is that we moved forward as is and this TRIBE Experience promotion was our most successful one yet. Here’s what contributed to it being our most successful promotion in the midst of the whole COVID situation…

Big Rocks – Traffic [4:16]

Number one, whenever we go into a new launch, one of the things I always encourage others to do is get clear on your big rocks. What are the few things that are going to move the needle the most? If you remember last year, we had a focus on split testing. This year, we focused heavily on traffic. We know that if we get more people in and serve more people, then we’re going to have a greater result for us as a business. We’re also going to help a heck of a lot more people get great results too. By focusing on a few big rocks, it brings clarity to everybody in terms of the team and what is most important.

Pivoted Messaging – live launch [6:40]

Number two, we pivoted our messaging. The whole COVID situation was like this big dominating force that was on everybody’s mind. And when we looked at all the new videos that we were producing for the launch, we realized we didn’t mention it, because when we recorded it, none of this was happening. So we had to make a decision. Either I’ll rewrite the scripts and we’ll record videos, or we do a live launch. I was a bit nervous about this because with a live launch, there are so many more variables, but we decided that it was going to be the fastest and easiest way for us to be able to move forward. We pivoted our messaging and then we also pivoted how we delivered that messaging by doing it through a live launch.

I went live so many times during this, but essentially, it was like four big pillars when I was live, and we had thousands and thousands of people joining us for those live trainings. The format is totally different from the videos. With videos, they’re typically anywhere between 20 to 30 minutes long. With the live trainings, they were about two hours long, so it was a much longer period of time. But I’m a believer in the live launch now because it just gave me a chance to interact with so many more people and for a longer period of time.

The early results of our TRIBERS [8:43]

Number three was the early results. Not our results, but the results that people in our audience were getting. These were people who were getting results before we even opened up the program, just using what we were teaching during that free training. It was crazy, and it created a ton of momentum. Most special about it was that in so many cases, these were business owners who didn’t really know where else to turn because their businesses had been completely shut down because of COVID. And now they had an alternative. It was amazing to watch what was happening as people started using their founding member launches and getting incredible results. So, from that, it was just incredibly inspiring and exciting, and people could see what was possible. And that certainly helped contribute to the overall results of the launch.

Fast Start – webinar, Early Bird bonus, sales letter sneak peek [10:26]

Number four was the fast start. I believe that the fast start in terms of sales really happened because we had built up so much momentum prior to that. There are a few things that we do from a marketing standpoint to really jumpstart that. One, we host a webinar, and we announce our early bird bonus for anybody who signs up during that first 24 hours. We do this because from a marketing standpoint, there’s so much more excitement when people commit to themselves early on, and it creates momentum for the whole launch. We love stacking the odds in our favor and rewarding people who do commit and do take action earlier rather than later. And prior to that, we gave people a sneak peek at the sales letter the day before. It just gives people a chance to be able to take a look at the sales page in full without the pressure of having to buy before a certain period. So they have time to have conversations and make a much more informed decision.

JV Partners – long-tail of TRIBERS [12:58]

Number five were the JV partners. This year more than any other year, we could directly attribute the results to those who were all in. This wasn’t like a passive promotion where they just sent one email or sent a couple of things. And because of that, our launch became their launch. The other side of this is that there’s a real long tail of sales that come from TRIBERS who were also sharing. So, as each year goes by, the thing that we as a company focus on, is helping people get results. Because if we can help them get results, then they have an amazing story to share. And come launch time, people start sharing their story of the transformation that has occurred in their business and ultimately their life. The long tail of our TRIBE Community sharing their stories is tremendous. This year, we had 144 partners make at least one sale, 69 partners make at least five sales, and 45 partners make at least 10 sales. And these are people who are sharing their story.

It’s like a snowball. It just keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger every year. Because each year we welcome a whole new class into the TRIBE Experience, of which a whole new class of people are now getting incredible results, and of which all those people now have their own story to tell. Will all of them share it during our next TRIBE promotion? Most certainly not. But there will be hundreds and hundreds of new people who will actively share their story, and it’s going to inspire so many more people.

Memorable Quote

We had to make some major changes with this whole COVID situation and it certainly threw a monkey wrench into what we normally do. And so, we had to pivot, we had to make changes, we had to adapt, and we did.” – Stu McLaren


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