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A Near Marketing Disaster

Brief Overview

Imagine a HUGE promotion with thousands of people waiting… and then, the technology crashes. It happened and I share the backstory in this episode.


It was a near disaster but somehow, we managed to pull it off. Let me explain. So, I’m here in Dallas because we’re working on a project with Zig Ziglar’s company along with one of the original sharks from Shark Tank, Kevin Harrington. It’s a project called Secrets of Sales Success. Part of this whole launch and promotion meant that we were going to do a live cast, which is why I flew here and why a big part of my team flew here, including one of my business partners, Andrew, who’s also my brother-in-law.

The team arrived before me and finally I get in touch with them. As we enter the offices of the Zig Ziglar building, there’s my brother-in-law. He looks like an absolute zombie. You could just tell the guy hasn’t got any sleep. I’m like, “Dude, what’s going on?” He’s like, “Man, this whole live cast nearly didn’t happen.

Long story short, when the team was testing and setting things up, all these critical things started failing. It was one thing after the other. Some of the technical pieces of equipment to pull off this live cast basically got fried. And there was no way to get any new pieces of that equipment because the live cast literally started an hour after Best Buy would open. And so, it was just this mad scramble. And everything gets amplified when you’ve got affiliates who are driving a bunch of traffic to a live cast.

So there are all these things in motion and we’ve got this situation where who knows if we’re going to be able to pull things off. The amazing thing is Andrew just stuck with it.

Man, he has IT, because literally like one thing after the other went wrong and most normal human beings, would’ve just given up and said, “You know what, like it’s just not going to happen. We’ll have to figure something else out.” Not him. He stuck with it. He stuck with it, figured it out, and managed to piece it all together. We ended up using webcams instead of the fancy cameras because the equipment couldn’t handle the fancy cameras and it was craziness. But at the last minute, we managed to pull it all together and it went flawlessly.

Big Ideas

[05:05] You will experience setbacks and all kinds of stuff, but the magic comes in just sticking with it and knowing that these things are going to happen, but you just have to keep moving forward. Because a lot of times people will just give up and then you never make that kind of progress that you’re searching for. What could possibly go wrong likely will at some point and the key for you and I as entrepreneurs is we just got to stick with it, we just got to stay with it.

[07:10] From a marketing perspective, a lot of people ask me if these live casts worth it? Here’s what I can tell you. There’s a number of different ways to do these live casts. However, my favorite way is to feature the people who have experienced the benefit of what it is that you are selling. In this case, it’s a brand-new course so we don’t necessarily have a huge backlog of success stories yet, but if you do, that’s the way that you leverage these live casts. Because when you share stories, your audience and potential customers will see themselves in the stories of the people that you get to share.

Memorable Quotes

You will experience setbacks. But the magic comes in sticking with it and just knowing that these things are going to happen, and you just have to keep moving forward.” – Stu McLaren

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