Why should YOU be at TRIBE Live??


TRIBE Live is happening June 15th – 17th in Toronto, Canada . . . and it’s going to be awesome!

Hundred of people have already reserved their seats.  We’d love to save a seat for you too!

Here are is a little list of reasons that are sure to get you excited about joining us.



1 – Discover The 1 Thing That Changes EVERYTHING

Just ONE LITTLE THING can completely transform your business.


2 – Get ‘Er Done

Be honest, more often than not you find yourself working in your business instead of on your business.  (Lil’ “E-Myth” throwback!)

This is your chance to shut out the world for 3 whole days and get things done.

You’ll accomplish more in 3 days than you have in the last month.  (WITHOUT hustling.)


3 – Surround Yourself With People Who ‘Get It’

When else can you be surrounded by the most fun lovin’ big hearted biz owners – who ‘get’ memberships?

Yeah.  Only once a year.  At TRIBE Live.

Because this isn’t just a course.  It’s a community.  And it’s awesome.

We are ALL special snowflakes, #thankyouverymuch


4 – The Latest & Greatest Intel

I’m tuned into my network of THOUSANDS of membership site owners.

In this magical Age Of Information, our world is always changing.

I’m constantly getting the latest updates, “you wouldn’t believe what worked” late night messages, and “Stu you’ve GOTTA try this” recommendations.

By the time TRIBE Live rolls around, I’ll have the latest scoop to make your membership even better.


5 – Ignite Unstoppable Motivation


And when you come to TRIBE Live, you’ll feel the same!


6 – Master “Stu Face”

There’s more to it than you think.


7 – Perfect Excuse To Travel

I bet ‘freedom to travel’ was on your list of why I started a membership site.

Now you can! 🙂

And visiting the world-class city of Toronto with hundreds of friends is the perfect place to start.


8 – Surprises

I LITERALLY can’t even talk about this.

(Did you think I was gonna give it all away that easily?!  C’mon now!)

But just look at dis smile…!



9 – And THIS

There’s a lotta monkey business at TRIBE Live.

…Cheeky monkey business.  😉



10 – People Flip Out For TRIBE Live

We turn your world upside down… in the best way possible.



TRIBE Live 2017 Was A Ball

Only question is, what do we have up our sleeve this year?

Only one way to find out!


Join us at the only event which will transform your business into a recurring revenue powerhouse – and make you feel like family! ❤

What’s the perfect price to maximize member registrations?


I’m talking about the price at which you have the best conversions and the highest profitability.

How do you find that sweet spot?

The short answer is, the price doesn’t matter anywhere near as much as you think – at least it doesn’t if you follow what I’m about to share.

Let me explain…

In the beginning, It takes a willingness to test and try different price points.


You CAN mess this up.  And that’s why it’s important to follow these best practices for pricing.

It’s easiest to explain by using a real-life example. So, let’s take a look at Karen’s question and then I’ll break down how to approach the mystery of membership pricing.

Karen asked, “Hey Stu, I opened my membership at $27 a month for founding members, and then raised it to $47. I’m doing a launch now, and I’m trying to decide if I should go up to $67 or $79. One pro told me I should be charging $297 for my program, but I don’t want to cut anyone out due to price.

Can I get your advice?

I feel like it’s worth more than I’m charging.”

Well, Karen, my friend, you are not alone with your pricing dilemma.

So where do you start?

Well, the first pricing lesson is:  


Start low and incrementally raise your prices


Up to this point, Karen has nailed it. She started at $27. Then went to $47. Now, she is contemplating going up to $67 or $79.

Before I tell you what I think she should do, what do you think?

$67 or $79?

My advice is to go to $67.  Then you can go up from there.

Why not make the jump all the way up to $79?

It’s always easier to raise your price than reduce it.  And going up to $79 is a pretty big jump from $47.  And whenever you increase the price, you want to gauge the market to see how your audience is reacting (and buying).  

Because here’s the thing…  

You never want to go too high and then be forced to reduce your price.  That stinks!

Think about it…

Everybody who paid the higher price is now going to feel like a schmuck because they paid the higher price.  You may even have some people come back and ask for a refund for the difference.  It’s a support nightmare.

But, if you start low, and you raise your price high, guess what?

All of your early adopters, feel like they got a good deal.  Instead of complaining, they’ll be singing your praises.

It’s a subtle difference.  But it’s MASSIVE when it comes to the buying experience of your clients and customers.  All it takes is the decision on your end to start low and go high, which Karen has done, and I want to commend her for that.  The key is to be patient with each increase.

BTW – If you have a membership site, lock your early members in at the lower price.  The “grandfathered pricing” is an AWESOME retention strategy… because people don’t like letting go of a good deal 🙂

Ok, so here’s where I throw you a curveball.

You ready?

After a while, your price should become somewhat irrelevant.


I know…. you’re thinking “Stu’s has hit his head one too many times”.

Let me explain…

Remember when Karen said she felt like it was “worth more than I’m charging”?

Whenever we are creating our own products and programs, it’s almost inevitable that we feel like it is worth more than what we’re charging.

Why? Because we know all the hard blood, sweat, and tears that go into creating and producing that program, right?

But here’s what I want you to remember…


People get the real value when they get results


The truth is, the real value comes from the results that you’re able to help people get.  

For example, let’s pretend you gave me $100 and in exchange, I share with you a bunch of proven marketing strategies to help you maximize sales.  And after applying those ideas, you get a return of $500 – which can be directly connected back to those ideas.

What’s the true value from this exchange?

It’s at least $400 right?  ($500-$100).

And some would say $500.

But you could even make an argument that the value is even greater than both of those combined because now you have the knowledge to produce the same result over and over again.  So the “return” continues long after the initial $500 gain.  It’s like the gift that keeps on giving 🙂

That’s the real value.

And that’s what makes the initial $100 feel almost insignificant.

That’s why the $1,997 we charge for our TRIBE membership training course is a no brainer.  When you compare it to the results that so many of our clients get with their membership, purchasing TRIBE becomes an easy decision.  

The majority of people who follow what we teach make the investment back within the first month of when their membership launches (we’ve even got examples of people generating 14X their initial investment within the first month).  

And the cool part is, because a membership site is recurring, that’s just the return on “month 1”.  The real value begins to compound when you factor in the revenue from their membership each month thereafter.

So the value calculation is pretty simple…

Give me $1,997 and get that back (and likely more) after the first month of launching your membership site.  It’s a no brainer.

DISCLAIMER:  Results will vary.  Not everyone will get a return because not every does the work.  Just because you bought it doesn’t mean that magic happens.  You still have to implement 🙂


Here’s the key…

The real (no brainer) value only comes if someone gets a result with what you provide.

Let me say that again…

The real (no brainer) value only comes if someone gets a result with what you provide.

But the HUGE upside for you is that the more results you produce, the more valuable what you’re sharing becomes – and the easier it is to sell.

This whole approach is something I call “The Circle of Awesomeness” and it looks like this:


So the second lesson of pricing is:  


Help people get results, and your price almost becomes irrelevant


We may always feel like what we are producing is worth a lot more, but I always like starting low and then I raise my prices over time. Then just stay hyper-focused on helping people get results.  

If your products, services or trainings produce the results people are after, it won’t be long before you’ll be able to quickly raise your prices (and will likely be able to exceed the initial price points you envisioned).  

And then selling at the higher price point becomes almost effortless.


To price your site for maximum subscribers


  1. Start pricing on the low end and incrementally raise it higher over time.   Smaller increments are better.
  2. Help your clients get results. The more results you get, the more you can raise your prices.

Do you have a question that you need answered? I’d love to help you with that. Please be sure and leave your question in the comments below.

There is a question that you and I absolutely need to know the answer to.

If we don’t, our business and everything that we’re doing is in serious trouble.

More on that in a second…

I recently met with a client to map out her membership site strategy. She is a doctor who serves women over 40 dealing with menopause.

This is a market that I have never dealt with. It was fresh for me. It was all new.

…boy, did I learn a lot (LOL).

The key thing is that this particular client really wants to help women in this age bracket live a healthy and happy life. That is her ultimate goal.

But… that’s a really big goal for a really big market! It’s really hard to crack through and separate yourself from everybody else when you aim so broad.

I encouraged her, “Look, one of the things that we absolutely want to do is to get specific. Because if we’re trying to be everything to everyone, we’re not going to be anything to anyone. It’s going to be a lot harder to get people’s attention that way.”

Here’s what I mean. Back when I was beginning to rebuild my personal brand, I knew I had to get specific.

I asked myself, “What are you known for?”

If you don’t know how to answer that question, chances are people have no idea how to share with others what it is you do.

I asked this client the same thing. “What do you want to be known for? What could you become known for now that would help you build a ton of momentum down the road?”

Building my brand, I realized that I want to help ALL entrepreneurs. I want to help them make a lot more money and I want to inspire them to give a ton of that money away to the causes and people they’re passionate about.

…but I couldn’t start there.

The thing that ended up bringing focus and clarity for me was deciding, “I want to be known for helping entrepreneurs produce recurring revenue.”

That made sense because it was built on my expertise and experience.

Having built a software company that powered tens of thousands of online membership communities, building multiple seven-figure membership sites, and working with some of the world’s top membership site owners, I know what works.

Because of this, it’s easy for me to focus on membership sites. It makes sense for me to be known as the membership site guy.

Even though I want to help all entrepreneurs in all kinds of different ways, to begin with I had to narrow my approach.

Being specific about what I’m known for helped me create a lot more momentum a lot faster than if I started with the broad approach.

The same goes for you.

Imagine your friends or colleagues chatting with somebody else who has a problem that you can help solve. They’re talking to your ideal customer.

Will they know that you are the person who solves that problem? If someone were to tell others about you, would they mention that very thing?

Your area of expertise should come across in your messaging so that when people have a problem that’s related to the very thing that you are known for, you are the one they think about.

That’s really where you’ve got to put your energy – especially in the beginning.

Later, you can branch out and go more broad. But, in the beginning, you are going to create way more momentum if you are focused on one specific thing.

Then, when people have those kinds of problems, boom … you are top of mind.

If you’re not known for anything specific, it’s really hard for people to spread the message.

You’re fighting an uphill battle trying to get attention in this world of nonstop noise, and you’re not standing out in any one particular way.

People want problems solved. They’re seeking solutions. If you become known for a certain solution, you’re going to gain a lot more traction.

Get specific. Ask yourself, “What do I want to be known for?”

You’ve got to be known for something and that’s got to come across in all of your messaging.

Focus on that and I guarantee you’ll gain a lot more momentum, and you’ll start to see better results from your marketing.